How to Apply for Voter ID Online Transposition?

In today’s work environment, transfers are easy to come. Even if you are not forced to change residences due to work commitments, there is always a need to shift homes that offer you a better living experience and value for money(if your renting the accommodation). Hence, it is important to settle some official documents in order to get them updated with your new addresses, every time you move to a new one. One of the most important identity documents, the voter id card also needs such an update along with your details in the voters’ list. So here is how you can apply for Voter ID Online transposition of address.

apply for voter id card online transposition of address

How to Apply for Voter ID Online Transposition of Address?

What exactly is ‘Transposition of Voter ID’?

When you apply for voter id online or offline, you are obligated to type/mention your residence address. This is also the address where a BLO pays a visit to verify your identity and documents. Hence, a voter id card is issued to you, for the same residence address. What if, in a matter of time, you move out to a different address? You would surely require to get an updated card which would also update your details in the voters’ list. If your new address is in a different Constituency altogether, you would need to re-apply for voter id online or offline(by filling the Form No. 6 again for the new constituency. However, if your new address lies in the same Constituency as before, then you would require to fill a form in order to apply for voter id online or offline transposition of address. In simple words, transposition means, ‘Change of address(on voter id and in the voters’ list) within the same Constituency’.

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To apply for Voter ID Online Transposition, you would have to fill the Form No. 8A for transposition of address. As you know, the Election Commission of India has launched the National Voters’ Service Portal for an easy online application of important forms. Hence, you can also fill the Form No. 8A on NVSP.in and apply for voter id online transposition.

Just visit the link, www.NVSP.in/forms and click on Form No. 8A. This would take you the online version of the form. On the online form, you would also be required to enter the previous address and registration details. You could also upload the supporting documents(a step that would speed up the process of transposition of address). One of the supporting documents must establish a proof your residence at the new address. Make sure you fill in all the details correctly, in order to speed up the voter id online process.

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Why Apply for Voter ID Online Transposition? What is the other way?

When you apply for Voter ID online transposition, the chances are that you would get an updated card within 30-60 days. Whereas, the offline application might take longer. Nevertheless, you also have an option of applying offline. Just obtain the offline Form No. 8A from the local ERO and fill it by hand, attach the supporting documents and 2 passport size photographs and then submit at the same ERO office. You can also download a PDF version of Form No. 8A and fill the print out of the same. Download it from here: –

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