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Voter Search: The best and simple guide for searching your name in Electoral Roll also known as Voter List, which answers a simple question – How to search your name in Electoral Roll?

Every Election has a lot of things different from the previous one. Different candidates, different officials, different agendas, different issues, and what not. But still there are a few component of every Election, which are so indispensable that it is difficult to imagine an Election without them. Obviously, it is impossible to think about an Election taking place without the Election Commission of India and its officials taking care of all the electoral formalities. Nevertheless, at a more fundamental level, how would one imagine the idea of ‘Free and Fair’ Elections without the essential photo Electoral Roll and the equally essential Voter ID Card?

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Search Name in the Electoral Roll – Step-by-step guide:

For all those Citizens who already are registered as voters, here is how you can check your name and details entered in the Electoral Roll of your constituency. Earlier, people had to head to head to the ERO office, just to check whether they had their names in the voters’ list or note. But now in this era of technology, therefore, you can easily check your name online.

(Click this Link for a guide to voters’ list search)Election Commission of India National Identity Card Number Search could be conducted on the ECI website, directly from your computer screen. Now, National Voters’ Service Portal has also been launched to provide a single window service for tasks like voter name search and voter registration. Just visit eci.nic.in in order to take advantage of these services. Please note, you can search your name in the digital Electoral Roll available on the CEO website of your state. You would need to enter details like EPIC number and/or details like name, age, Assembly Constituency, etc.

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how to get/search name in the electoral roll

Without a voters’ list or an electoral roll, almost anyone would be able to enter the polling station to cast a vote. This would lead to an uncountable number of dubious and bogus votes. Such an Election would be everything but ‘Free and Fair’. Any leader or party having money or muscle power would be able to pivot the results into its own favor and honest parties/candidates would not even stand a chance to serve the Citizens.

Therefore, it is really important that you take advantage of the Indian Electoral Roll by registering your name in it and hence become a part of the Democratic practice of a ‘Free and Fair Election’. Your contribution to the Democracy starts from the time when you are registered as a voter and have your name in the Electoral Roll of your constituency. Once you are a registered voter whose name in presented in the prestigious voters’ list and have your voter id card to back that entry, you become an active part of the Democracy. Nevertheless, merely having your name in the electoral roll but not casting your vote on the Election day, is not going to help anyone. So there are 3 basic steps to becoming a dutiful and responsible adult Citizen of India;

  1. Register your name in the electoral roll of your constituency.
  2. Get your voter id card issued by the Election Commission of India.
  3. Go out to cast your vote on the Election day and make your opinion count.
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Obviously, a citizen isn’t responsible or dutiful just because he/she has his/her name in the electoral roll or goes out to vote on the Election day, but it is definitely the most fundamental duties that you could perform. So, if your details are still not entered in the electoral roll of your constituency, REGISTER TODAY!

How to Enter Your Details in the Electoral Roll?

Election Commission of India takes care of the voter registration formalities of the Indian Citizens. They have a huge team of officials who work day and night to ensure mass participation of the voters. The Commission is represented at State levels by the means of Chief Election Officer(CEO) of each state. Each CEO further appoints local EROs who take care of Electoral Roll and Voter registration related matters.

The Election Commission of India has specific forms for all the different voter registration related tasks. Each form is like an answer to your query and a solution to your problem. So let us see which query is addressed by which ECI form.

FAQs About Electoral Roll

Q: – I do not have my name in the Electoral Roll of my constituency. Which form should I fill?

Answer: – Form No. 6 for inclusion of name to the Electoral Roll, is the one that needs to be filled by those not registered as voters. This form could either be filled online on the Election Commission of India website or also on state CEO websites(depending on the residence of the applicant). Read this guide about online application for inclusion of name to the Electoral Roll: – How to get Voter ID Card Online?

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You can also fill Form No. 6 offline. You can either obtain the form through the local ERO or download it from the following link: – CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD FORM NO. 6

Q: – I have my name and details in the Electoral Roll of my own constituency but now I am shifting to another address which lies in the same Assembly Constituency. Which form should I fill, in order to transpose the address on my voter id card and the electoral roll details?

Answer: – To transpose the entry to the Electoral Roll i.e to change your address within the same Assembly Constituency, you have to fill the Election Commission Form No. 8A. You can fill it online on your own state’s CEO website. You can also fill the form offline by obtaining from your local ERO(Electoral Registration Officer) or by taking a printout of the form after downloading it. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD FORM NO. 8A

Don’t know your Assembly Constituency? You can find it on the CEO website of your state. The people of Delhi are all set to vote on 7th February 2015 for the Assembly Elections 2015. So, if you live in Delhi and want to find out your Assembly Constituency of your Electoral Roll, here is the direct link: – http://ceodelhi.gov.in/OnlineErms/SearchLocality.aspx

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  1. Sir I have applied for voter ID on09/09/2017 registration no is BDZ2721983 TJ Normals, BDZ2720878 C R Jayasekhar and BDZ2722007 J Jeyasakthivel Mugalivakkam zone 12, ward 156

    • Please, sir recorretion my birthday and father name (corred name-mathew mandal)my dbirth-20 o1 1990

  2. I Have Woating Right on Our Village Panchaay List From Last 2 Year but Till Date I am Not Recived My Card
    Name – Deepak Machindra Shingote,
    A/P- Kokangaon . Tal- Sangamner, Dist. Ahamdnager

  3. hi sir i have epic id but is not show in search results plz gv me help for download the id card my epic no 027736585

  4. my name is rajesh chakraborty i lost my voter card at siliguri my voter card from manipur at imphal

  5. If a person changing from one constituency to another constituency in the same state, in that case which form needs to be filled.( form 8A or 6??)

    I work in defence.I want to complete this work before my leave gets over.please kindly reply!!

  6. Hi,

    i have made my voters id card and i was able to vote both without having the card. I was informed I’ll get the same later by post. But however, i still haven’t received the card yet. Where should I get the same from or raise the issue to?

    • Hi Sachin,

      Please check the steps you can follow if you have not received your Voter ID Card even after so many months: Click Here for Details

      You can still cast your vote since you name is in the Voters List. You can carry any ID proof like PAN, Driving License etc.

  7. I have already register my wife name and submit all document to local authority but nobody can give the answer. after 9 month I don’t receive voter card. so please give me reply.

    • Hi Rupesh,

      You can check the status of your Voter Card so as to find out what is wrong and where is the card stuck. You can follow the steps listed over here

  8. please check voter id card of ram singh s/o hori lal which live at home no. A-191/1 Nehru Gali Shiv Mandir Marg Mandawali Fazalpur Delhi 110092

  9. Dear sir i was applied my voter id card before 8 moths. But still i didn’t get my card. I went nd ask taluk office they are no respons please i wanna know where is my card i tried many times to check status but it shows blank.. My register number is Ei14061288 please help.

    • Hi Anand,

      What do the taluka office say about it. No response as in do they not reply at all or they don’t give a reason? If that is the case you can go to any of the political parties public service office or the Jan Sampark Karyalay in your area and they will help you out in this case since they understand the importance of Voter ID Card and elections more than anyone else.

  10. Dear sir, my name already exists in voter id list since 2011 … still now am not received voter ID card. Pls help for how to get voter ID card. Thanks

    • Hi Aghilan,

      Sorry to hear about that. Have you tried checking your status, as to know what is the issue with the Voter ID card. Please check the Voter ID Card application status over here: Check Voter ID Card Status

      Also do remember that since you name is in the voter list, you are eligible to cast your vote by producing any valid ID proof [driving license, pan card, passport etc] at the time of voting, even if you do not have the Voter ID card; at the booth.

  11. Dear sir i was applied my voter id card before 8 moths. But still i didn’t get my card. I went nd ask taluk office they are no respons please i wanna know where is my card i tried many times to check status but it shows blank.. My register number is Ei14061288 please help.

    • Hi Sharif,

      It seems your card is nt yet processed since the status doesn’t show up anything. I that case first please confirm if your application is not processed if not, then you will have to re-apply for it.

  12. I was apply for voter id in Jan 2015 but after this there is no confirmation of that form not received SMS still I am waiting. Plz help me.

  13. I have already register my name in voter list but my address was wrong due to which i have not get my voterid card yet..how can i search for it..
    If canceled then can i vote using my another ids which can prove that i am above 18..??


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