Complete Election Commission India Identity Card Number Search Guide

2014 was a good year for Election Commission of India. Partly due to a staggering voter turnout. The Lok Sabha elections of 2014 witnessed the highest ever voter turn out since the 1984 General Elections. Also it is said the the ECI nearly spent 3500 Crore Rupees on it. This is a great achievement for India because of the basic ideology that a Democracy is a Government of the people, for the people and by the people. Hence, the new government was indeed elected by people of India and they came out in large numbers to make their opinion count. The commission over the years, has had a dream of 100 percent voter turnout and that all the voters get their voter id card leaving none of them behind, as far as the right to vote is concerned.

complete guide on how to conduct election commission India identity card number search

In a bid to register as many voters as possible, the ECI has to face a persistent challenge. This challenge is to put forward a voter registration mechanism which has minimum rigidity and maximum performance. The challenge and its difficulty level is further aggravated by the humongous population of our beautiful nation, both in terms of numbers and diversity.

The huge population means a proportionally huge number of voters. So the question is, how does the Election Commission of India categorize a huge list of voters? And, how do the voters conduct Identity Card number search without much difficulties and in least possible time?

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The ECI official website surely provides the mechanism. A special feature of this website is, Election Commission of India identity card number search. So in this article, we guide you about how to conduct this search and some other tasks that all voters should remember to conduct before the election day approaches.

What is Election Commission India Identity Card Number Search?

The Election Commission India identity card number search could be conducted by the voters to search their entries in the voters’ lists of their respective constituencies. This search could be done from the election commission official website. By this search method, you can find all your details present in the electoral roll. This way, you can ensure that all the details present, are accurate and require no correction. If in case, after conducting the identity card number search, you find out that the details are incorrect and have typo or factual errors then you can immediately take steps for their correction.

You can also apply for correction of voter details online on the same website in case you find errors in your voter details after Election Commission of India identity card number search is conducted. Otherwise, you can also fill out the form no. 8 for correction of identity card details. This form could be printed out from the following link: – http://eci.nic.in/eci_main/forms/FORM8.pdf or it could also be obtained from the ERO office of your constituency.

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How to Conduct Election Commission India Identity Card Number Search?

To conduct Election Commission India identity card number search, you just have to visit the ECI official website which is www.eci.nic.in and follow the following steps: –

  • On the homepage of the website, there would be an icon on the right of the layout. This icon says, ‘National Electoral Search‘. To conduct Election Commission of India identity card number search, just click this icon.
  • You would then re-directed to ‘electoralsearch.in’. The website may request to access your location. You may or may not accept this request. The access is probably just to know the state from from which you are conducting the search. The state and are could also be chosen manually.
  • On the page, there would be two option tabs. 1st is ‘Search by voter information’ and the 2nd one is ‘Search by EPIC number’.
  • If you select the 1st option i.e. ‘search by voter information‘, you would need enter the following details in order to search your voter information in the electoral roll: –
  1. Name
  2. Father’s/Husband’s name
  3. State
  4. Constituency
  5. Age
  6. Date of birth
  7. Gender
  • On the other hand, the second option i.e. ‘Search by EPIC number‘ is actually the required Election Commission of India identity card number search. In this option, you just have to provide your voter id card number to access your voter information.
  • Once you enter your EPIC number and select your state, the servers would quickly find out your voter information present in the electoral roll of the selected constituency.
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Importance of Election Commission India Identity Card Number Search?

It is very important for the voters to conduct the Election Commission India identity card number search because this is the way in which you can verify your details present in the voters’ list. This verification is required so that you do not have to leave the polling booth without casting your vote on the election day. Also, this is the way in which incorrect details can be checked in advance so that there is no trouble for voters when the election day approaches. Hence, we recommend all the voters to conduct Election Commission of India identity card search well before the elections in their respective states/constituencies.

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