How to conduct a Search by Voter EPIC Number?

Voter ID is an integral proof of address and identity. It gives the right to vote to every citizen above 18 years of age. It also performs the function of an identity card. Search by Voter EPIC number can be done in few simple steps. If you want to check for your name in the electoral roll here are easy ways to search by Voter EPIC number. This article explains how you can just punch in your Voter EPIC number and check out the electoral roll. What is a Search by Voter EPIC Number? A Voter … [Read more...]

How To Search Your Name in any Voter List in India?

The Lok Sabha Elections 2019 is coming. In order to take part in the voting, the voters need to have their names listed in the voter list so that they can cast the votes during the elections. Very often, people who had had their names listed in the voter list found that the names were missing when they went to the polling booth on the election day, that means that even after having a valid voter ID card, they were not able to vote on election day for their candidate. They go back to the homes … [Read more...]

How to search Election Commission of India Identity card?

As per official rules of the Election Commission of India, the citizens of India who are 18 years old on January 1st of the year for which the electoral roll is prepared are eligible to be registered as a voter in the Constituency where he/she resides and have a election commission of India identity card. To know how to apply for a new election commission of India identity card, click on this link. How to search for Election Commission of India Identity card? You can search your name in the … [Read more...]

How to check your name in Election Commission of India UP?

India is the biggest Democracy in the world. You obviously know that.It has 29 STATES and 7 UNION TERRITORIES as of now. What you might not have known is the fact that the ELECTION COMMISSION OF INDIA isn't directly and/or solely responsible for elections in all these states. Then who is directly responsible for organizing elections in a particular state? Election Commission of India UP: Formation of State Election Commissions After the Indian Independence,the need for local self-government … [Read more...]

Election Commission of India Identity Card Number Search- The 30 Second Guide

Election Commission of India Identity Card Number Search is the process to be initiated by a voter in India in order to search his name and details entered in the Voters' List of his/her Constituency. No matter how long the phrase sounds, it just takes 30 seconds to search your name(if you are well instructed). If you know the to-the-point set of concise instructions, this process of checking name in the voters' list must not take more than 30 seconds of your time. Hence, in this article, we aim … [Read more...]

Complete Election Commission India Identity Card Number Search Guide

2014 was a good year for Election Commission of India. Partly due to a staggering voter turnout. The Lok Sabha elections of 2014 witnessed the highest ever voter turn out since the 1984 General Elections. Also it is said the the ECI nearly spent 3500 Crore Rupees on it. This is a great achievement for India because of the basic ideology that a Democracy is a Government of the people, for the people and by the people. Hence, the new government was indeed elected by people of India and they came … [Read more...]