How to conduct a Search by Voter EPIC Number?

Voter ID is an integral proof of address and identity. It gives the right to vote to every citizen above 18 years of age. It also performs the function of an identity card. Search by Voter EPIC number can be done in few simple steps. If you want to check for your name in the electoral roll here are easy ways to search by Voter EPIC number. This article explains how you can just punch in your Voter EPIC number and check out the electoral roll.

How to conduct a Search by Voter EPIC Number

What is a Search by Voter EPIC Number?

A Voter EPIC number stands for the Electoral Photo Identity Card number. It is written on the top of your Voter ID card as shown in the picture below.


Moreover it is easy to search by Voter EPIC number, your entries in the electoral roll. You have to simply follow the quick steps given below.

The ECI or the Election Commission of India has opened a separate portal for these search related queries. Click here to go to the National Voters’ Services Portal website. This website lets you search your name in Electoral Roll in 2 ways:

  • search by Voter EPIC number
  • search by details
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If you remember your EPIC number, it is well and good. Because it makes the whole process quick and simple. In case you don’t, there is another way to ‘search by details’ discussed after this one.

Search by Voter EPIC Number

Follow these steps after you have opened the official website for electoral search.

  • Step 1:

Click on the Search by Voter EPIC Number option on the page which opens by clicking here.

  • Step 2:

Click on the Search by EPIC number tab. The page would look like this to you.


search by Voter EPIC number

  • Step 3:

Enter your Epic no. and state name.

  • Step 4:

Type the code and click on search. This will let you search electoral roll for your name by using EPIC number.

Other Ways to Search Voter ID name in Electoral Roll

You may not remember the EPIC number of your Voter ID Card. In that case, search your Voter ID Card by this method.

  • Step 1:
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Open the official website of NVSP by clicking here.

search by methods ather than EPIC no.

  • Step 2:

The opened page looks something like this.

  • Step 3:

Enter the required details. This includes Name; Father’s/Husband’s Name; Gender; State; District; Assembly Constituency.

  • Step 4:

Enter the captcha code on the page and click on Search. You will find your name in the electoral roll.

Therefore, apart from a search by Voter EPIC number, you can also try out this method. Consequently, this can be a bit longer. So it is always better to search by Voter EPIC number. Also, you can search your name in the electoral roll by going through the PDF electoral roll. Click here to access your state’s PDF electoral roll.

Voter ID cards have been the most accepted and asked for proofs of identity and address in India. For any other query please comment below. You can also read more of our articles to know about the search by Voter EPIC number.

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