Bihar Election FAQs

With only 2 more months left before the commencement of “Mother of All Elections”, i.e. Bihar Election 2015, we’re all prepared to sort all your doubts and help you vote sensibly for your and your state’s future. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Voter ID Card Bihar and Bihar Election. You can consider this if you too have any of these questions to ask.

Bihar Election: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. When is the Bihar Election being held this year?


Bihar Election which was previously supposed to held in Sep-October is now declared to be held in October- November in 4 to 5 phases in between Bihar’s 2 biggest festivals.

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2. How to apply for Voter ID Card Bihar?


Voter ID card is a very important and an essential document in India. It is a proof of your Identity, an authenticity of your Indian Citizenship. Any Indian over 18 years of age can possess Voter ID Card provided they don’t have accepted citizenship of any other country. To Vote in this upcoming Bihar Election, you need to have a Voter ID Card Bihar, or at-least have your name registered in States Electoral Roll.

Getting a Voter ID Card has become too easy these days. If you haven’t applied for new voter ID card yet, you can apply for it either Online or Offline. Here how you can do that:

Online Method:

  • Visit Bihar CEO Website,Bihar-Election-CEO-Bihar-Website
  • Go to Online Registration tab on the top right,
  • For new registration click on Form 6,Bihar-Election-CEO-Bihar-Form-6
  • Enter your Personal details & contact information and hit register,
  • Now enter the code that you have received on your entered mobile number and click login button,
  • After you logged in, you will see a blank version of Form 6 which you need to fill,
  • After filling all the details asked, you are required to upload your current passport sized photograph and some relevant supporting documents,
  • After you done with the previous step click on Submit,
  • You will receive an acknowledgement receipt which you need to download and get a print-out of the same.

Offline Method:

In this method, you can fill and submit Form 6 along with necessary supporting documents at your nearest polling booth (during revision period) or at the Electoral Registration Office at any time throughout the year.

After the Verification by BLO, you will get your Voter ID Card. Generally it takes around 2 months for your application to get processed and dispatchment of your Card.


For detailed info, read this article: How to get your Voter ID Card before the Elections 

3. What are the major parties in Bihar Assembly Elections?


Bihar election which is scheduled in October-November is termed as the “Mother of All Elections”. Different Political parties are toiling hard to make an impact on voters. They are trying hard doing everything including teaming up with their enemies. As of now there are two alliance opposite to each other. The major political parties who joined together to form the alliance are: RJD, JDU and Congress joined together to form Janata Parivar, while BJP, LJP, HAM, RLSP joined together to form NDA Alliance.

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4. How to check Voter ID card status Bihar?


Now most of you readers who have applied for new registration for this upcoming Bihar Election must be waiting for your EPIC Card to come to your hand. Checking one’s voter ID Card Status is the next step, not a necessary one but is highly recommended to keep track of your application. Here’s how you can check your status:

  • Visit Official Bihar CEO Website.
  • Scroll Down and you will find“Bihar Electoral Roll” ,
  • Click on that and you will be re-directed to another page,
  • Now fill in your District, Constituency, Name and Relative Name as mandatory part,
  • Enter the Captcha and click on Show,
  • You will be showed your Voter ID details if processed.

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5. How to Add my Name in Voter List Bihar?


One can only cast his vote if he have his name present in the Bihar Electoral Roll or Bihar Voter List. It is not mandatory to have a Voter ID Card physically present with the voter at the time of polling, but it is mandatory to have his name present in State’s Voter List for him to be eligible for voting.

For adding your name, you have to apply afresh for new registration by filling Form 6. You can follow the steps provided for 1st Question of this article to add your name successfully in Bihar Voter’s List and become eligible for Voting.

6. How to get a duplicate voter ID card Bihar?


One will need a Duplicate voter ID card in case of loss or card getting torn-off/mutilated. If this is the case with you, then you need to first file an FIR for the loss of your card. After that you have to download Form 002, fill it properly and submit it along with relevant documents. Documents include must be a copy of FIR, address proof and identity proof.

You have to visit your nearest BLO Office to get Form 002 as it is not available on Bihar CEO website’s Form Section.

After verification check, you will receive your new Voter ID Card.

7. How to make Voter ID Card Correction Bihar?


Correction in Voter ID Card Bihar is need to be done when any of the particulars filled by you during new registration viz. spelling mistakes in your name, address or wrong Date of Birth entered, etc. which is now shown in your Voter ID Card. If that is the case with you here what to do:

First you need to visit the CEO Bihar Website, click on Online Registration and then click on form 8. After that you are redirected to a page where you are requested to search your name in E-Roll. Click on submit once you find your name and repeat all the process that you had followed while applying for new Voter ID card Bihar.

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You can also do it with your hand i.e. manually. All you need is Form 8. Go to CEO Bihar website, click on ‘Forms’ option and download Form 8. Fill the details required and also attach a proof of correct information. You should attach an address proof and an age proof along with the application form.

8. How to conduct Voter Search Bihar?


A Voter Search or Electoral Search is a useful step to determine or make sure that a voters name is already there in the State’s Electoral Roll or Voter List so that he/she will be eligible for voting. An Electoral Search also help us to check one’s Voter ID Card Application Status.

To Search your name in Bihar’s Voter List, follow these steps:

  • Visit Bihar CEO website
  • Click on either Bihar Electoral Search or Search in E Roll,
  • You will find three options: Search in PDF, Search in E Roll and Enrollment,
  • You can click on either of the first two options to search for one’s voter name, but “Search in E Roll” is the recommended one as it is hassle free and will save your time,
  • Following previous step, you will redirected to another page where you are required to enter your district, constituency, Your Name, Relatives Name and Captcha,
  • After clicking on Search, you will find your name after few seconds, if it is in the list.Bihar-Election-Voter-Search

9. CEO Bihar Website


Official Bihar CEO website: www.ceobihar.nic.in

This website is created for the purpose to reduce the communication gap between the voters and the election department in Bihar.

Apart from that you can check as well as apply for your Voter ID Card. This website consists of all the details of past elections as well as information and election expenses of electing candidates. You can also perform Aadhar-EPIC Seeding from this website.

Contact details and information of some important officials are available here along with Right to Information and Different Portals of Bihar Links.

10. Voter ID Card Bihar Forms


Voter ID Card Forms are an essential piece of printed paper which are used to carry out some important functions like: Application for new registration, change in Voter ID Card, Transposition of entry, application for duplicate Voter ID Card, etc. Forms are given different numbers which determines for which purpose these forms can be used. The following are the Voter ID Card Forms available on the Bihar CEO Website:

The most searched or looked out forms in CEO Bihar Website are mentioned below:

  • FORM 4: For New Registration of electoral at the time of Enumeration when enumerator finds the house repeatedly locked
  • FORM 6: Inclusion of name in Electoral Roll
  • Form 6A: Inclusion of name in Electoral Roll by overseas electors
  • FORM 7: Objection for inclusion or seeking deletion of name from electoral list
  • FORM 8: Correction of entries
  • FORM 8A: Transposition of Entry in Electoral Roll.
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If you looking for Forms other than those mentioned above, then please click this link of CEO Bihar Website to find out.

11. Make Changes in Voter ID Card Bihar


Changes in your Voter ID Card Bihar can only be done if you are seeking the change in your address as a result of shift in residence. For it, all you need is Form 8, which can only be used when you want to change errors in the electoral roll, such as mistyping’s, spelling errors in address, and similar wrong data. But, to change the Part Number (which refers to the polling booth) or for Voter ID address change entirely, you should fill Form 8A. Ensure you follow all the formalities prior to the download.

You can made changes either through Online or Offline. In Online method you have to repeat all the process which you had already done for new Voter ID Registration, except here you have to click and fill all the information for Form 8A after selecting and submitting your name that is present in E-Roll.

You can also do it in Offline way, by downloading Form 8A from CEO Bihar Website and submitting it to nearest Electoral Office of your constituency manually.

12. Removing names from Electoral List Bihar


Voters apply for removal of their or their relatives name either in case of Death or change in constituency not in same but in different states. Removing the name is as easy as performing any other function like: New Registration, Change in Voter ID Card, etc. and similarly can be done in 2 ways: Online or Offline.

To remove name from voter’s line through online method, one need to visit Bihar CEO Website, click on Online Registration and then click on Form 7. After that you will be redirected to another page where you need to perform your name search. Once found, click on confirm and proceed further. Fill all the necessary information and submit your request.

Using Offline Method, you need to first download the Form 7 or get it directly from your BLO Office. Fill the form properly, entering all the details correctly and submit it to the ERO of your Assembly Constituency.

13. How many constituencies are there in Bihar? 


Bihar Legislative Assembly was first started in 1937 with a total of 155 members. After first election the membership was increased to 331 after which the numbers saw some ups and downs. After the formation of Jharkhand, the no. of members were reduced to 243. The current number of constituencies in Bihar is thus 243.

 (Source: Wikipedia)

We hope that we have covered as much of the frequently asked questions on Bihar Election as possible as provide you with all the relevant and necessary information. Do ask your queries if any in the comments section below and stay connected for more updates.

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