Bihar Assembly Election: 8 Interesting Facts about Nitish Kumar we bet you never thought of

The Bihar Assembly Election 2015 is just a few couple of months away and the election bogul has already been blown by different political parties. This election is already tagged as “Mother of All Elections” by the Chief Commissioner of India and it is indeed the biggest Indian election of 2015. With some new bond has been made, some foes turned friends, this election is not only important for these different political parties but for citizens of Bihar also. We are trying our best to keep … [Read more...]

Bihar Election – Who said what and who is with whom in this mother of all Elections

Bihar Election is all set to begin in September-October, with preparations, campaigning, word war, etc. going in full swing. Both sides being confident of winning this Bihar Election battle. The heat is so intense that is not feeled only in Bihar but all the way to Delhi also. The BJP is very confident that its superlative show in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections and recent Bihar legislative poll result will continue and the party along with its partners in the state will form the next government, … [Read more...]

Things you need to know about these Major Parties in Bihar Election

Bihar is the 12th largest state in northern India. The Bihar constitutional head is the Governor, appointed by the Indian President, but the execution powers for real are in the hands of the Chief Minister and the cabinet of Ministers, who are elected by the citizens of the state in Bihar election. To know about applying for a voter card to vote in Bihar election, follow this link or visit the Bihar CEO website on this link. Bihar has always been an important state since the … [Read more...]

Bihar Assembly Election: Will Enemies turn Friends?

With the exact dates are yet to come, Bihar Assembly Election are all but set to make a mark in this much awaited Election after General Indian Election 2014. Already declare to be the Mother of all Elections by Chief Election Commissioner of India, this election is indeed the one of the biggest election of all time in India. Bihar Assembly Election 2015 -  Flashback 2010 - 2014: In 2010 Assembly Election, National Democratic Alliance won the election with whooping 206 seats defeating their … [Read more...]

Importance and Functions of CEO Bihar

A Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) is a most important body in our Election Constitutional framework. He works under the direction and overall guidance of the Election Commission. Each state needs a Chief Electoral Officer so as to maintain maximum transparency in elections. The CEO overlooks and give advice for all the procedure and equipment required to conduct an election in a state. So, today we’ll discuss about the importance and roles of CEO Bihar. CEO Bihar: The Current Chief Electoral … [Read more...]

Voter ID Card Bihar

Bihar is India’s 13th largest state in terms of Area and 3rd largest in terms of population. As per 2011 census, Bihar is home to 103,804,637 people. (Source: Wikipedia). Bihar was known for its centre of power, learning and culture in Ancient India. Patna is the capital of Bihar lies at the bank on River Ganga. Earlier it is known by the name of Patliputra which is also the birth place of The Mauryan Emperor, Ashoka. Bihar is also the place where Gautam Buddha achieve Enlightenment. Bihar … [Read more...]