Quick Guide on Voter ID Card Status in India

The website of election commission of every Indian state offers the feature to check the status of their application for the soon to be Indian voters. This feature enables the voters to see what stage of registration their application is in.

There is a separate section on these webpage for finding the voter ID card status. Those who have applied for the voter card can log on to these webpage and enter the required details & find the status of their card.

Besides going online, the voters are also being offered the ability to check status of their card using their mobiles. The voters have to simply send an SMS to registered official number of the state election commission. Usually one has to send application number through the SMS.

Application number is the number which is provided to the applying voter when they have successfully submitted their online form.

Ceoandhra.nic.in Voter ID Card Status

The ceo AP is one of the best performing state election commission in India. It has enabled the voters easiest and quickest ways of get voter ID card in AP. One of the reasons for it is that it offers variety of convenient features to the new voters from AP. Amongst these is the one which lets the voters to check the status of their card on the site.

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voter id card status ceo andhra

The new voters can use either their application ID find their voter ID card status. On the page yo will have to mention your application number and then choose the form. Since the voter is newly registered, he/she will have to select the Form 6 option and click on search.

As added bonus, voters can also find the assembly or constituency in which they will be able to vote. Not only that, voters who are already registered can also find the location of their polling booth.

 Voter ID Card Status Delhi

The voters from Delhi can track the status of their Voter ID Card Delhi application status on the website of CEO Delhi. They can also find their voter card status using smartphone. The Delhi election commission has a registered number 9433633333. Delhi voters have to send an SMS which will consist of unique serial number (given to the voters on successful submission of their application).

In addition to this, there is also a helpline number 1506 on which the voters of Delhi can call up and know the status of their voter card. As an added feature for its voters, the CEO Delhi website also lets the voters find the information like location of their Block Level Officer (BLO), polling booth and other election related information.

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Online Voter ID Card Status UP

The UP election commission offers one of the most comprehensive ways for its voters to keep a track of their voter card. There are three options that the new voters can use on the site.

online voter card status up

The voters can choose any of the three options namely; district, area/mohalla and assembly. The voter needs to choose only district name when he/she chooses the “District” option. On choosing this option, you will be taken to a page where you can do a search using either your Name or EPIC number or Name and Father/Husband’s name.

If “Assembly” option is chosen, the voter has to select district as well as assembly name. Finally choosing “Mohalla” option will require you to choose district and mohalla.

That is all the new voter from UP has to do to find their online voter ID card status UP.

 How To Check Voter ID Card Status

Those who have applied for voter card as new voters can track the progress of their application on three ways; on the state election commission website, through mobile and through helpline number.

If the voter wants to use website then they will need to have information like application ID with them. Some sites even lets the voters to use their address, area name and even the initials of their personal names to find the voter card status.

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For finding the status using mobile, the voter have to just send an SMS containing EPIC number or application ID to the registered mobile number shown on the webpage of election commission.

Those voters who do not use a mobile phone can simply call on the toll free number as given on the election commission webpage of their state.

Voter ID Card Status Haryana

For voters who have recently applied as new voter can find the status of their voter card application on the Haryana election commission online portal.

The election commission has a dedicated section on their site where voters can find their voter ID card status Haryana. You can visit the page here. In order to find the current election card status, the voters will have to select their district, assembly and form (for the new voters it will be Form 6). You also need to enter the appropriate date.

Click on the search button once all the details have been entered. The voter will be shown the status of his/her voter ID.

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