Soon, Check Your Voter ID Card Delhi Status on Google

The relationship between Social Media and the outcome of the elections is not something hidden from the vision of the voters. The internet has always been a deciding factor in the elections since the inception of social networking and the increase in its outreach. So if a candidate is trending on twitter and befriended on Facebook, it is highly likely that these trends are converted into results. This is how the influence of the Internet is being realized as far as election results.


Influence of the search engines

Although there is a flipside to the influence of internet on the whole electoral process. People often flock to search engines like Google in order to gather information about of the Voter ID Card Delhi Status and so is the case in all the other states of our nation too.

Therefore Google is an essential part of the whole registration process for the EPIC in India. It is now possible for people to fill Voter ID Card Online Forms and check their Application Status through the Election Commission or their states’ CEO websites, something which has made the subscriber base of the election cards larger than ever and hence directly affecting the voter turnout to be larger.

The larger picture says that the internet has affected both the qualitative and the quantitative aspect of the

elections. Qualitative because it has, in the form of social media, helped people to choose the right candidate by facilitating their interaction with their future and present leaders. And quantitative because of the ease it provides for voter id card registration and therefore helping increase the number of registered citizens who are likely to turn up during the elections to vote for the right candidate.

Therefore a search engine like Google is a non-separable part of the electoral system because of the amount of help it provides to the voters of Delhi and all the other states whenever they search for their queries, want to register as voters and also while checking their Voter ID Card Delhi Status.

Of course the major part of the task is conducted by the servers of the CEO Delhi’s website because the whole Voter ID Card status check and details search is carried out using these servers only. Therefore till now Google has only been a carrier or a messenger as we could say in a bit philosophical sense.

How Google is set to interfere for good

But now this search engine giant is no longer going to remain just a carrier for conduction of Voter ID Card Delhi Status search or registration, as it is soon going to make its own resources available to be used by the ECI for these very tasks.

If news reports are to be believed then in a move to gear up for the Lok Sabha Polls 2014, the commission is going to join hands with the Google Inc. in order to facilitate people to check their Voter ID Card Delhi Status along with the incorporation of Google maps in order to help people to navigate to their stipulated polling booths or facilitation centers.

Google is soon going to make its resources available to ECI to allow voters to check Voter ID Card Delhi Status and the precise location of their polling booths

This novel move by the Google corporation is an effort to make a contribution to the society and therefore the Google would not charge even a single penny to provide its network and resources for the ECI to conduct Lok Sabha 2014 polls and hence help people in Delhi and all other states to check their Voter ID Card Status and the location of their polling booths from the 2nd Week of January. Google would continue to do so for the next 6 months i.e till the 2014 polls commence.

Google Inc. would provide these services to the election commission at no cost and the funding of this project would be done by the CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) Budget.

Since google is a big player in the search engine business, its technology would help the Election Commission to manage online registration of voters with precision and also help locating the name of voters; in their respective electoral rolls along with their stipulated polling station.

After this project is brought into effect, the voters would simply be able to check their Voter ID Card Delhi Status or their name in the voters’ list by entering their Voter ID Details in the search bar of Google, this would instantaneously generate the results and the voter would then also be able to locate his/her polling station with exact directions by the help of Google maps. This would help the voters to reach the right polling station on the day of the 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

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