How to get Voter Card List?

The Voter Card List displays the eligible voters and their details regarding constituency where they are allowed to vote, etc. Any new enrolments for voter ID card, corrections or modifications in existing voter cards or deletion of voters is reflected in this electoral roll or voters list. With the official website of the Election Commission of India, things have become easier. Now, people need not stand in long queues to register as new voters or to get corrections done in their voter ID cards. Online registration as new voter is a very simple process. Also, existing voters may check the electoral roll online. This can be done to ensure that a voter’s name is still present in the voter card list and has not been struck off. Also, any changes that have been applied for, by the voter, appear in the online electoral roll. Media announcements are made after periodic updates are made in the online voters list. Any individual may visit the ECI website and search for desired details regarding his/ her voter’s card. Initially, the electoral lists were available at the Municipality offices. Visiting and then searching for details was then, a time consuming activity. With online availability of these lists, the task has become much easier.

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Get online Voter Card List

The online voter details can be obtained by two ways –

  • By downloading PDF
  • By E-rolls


Get electoral roll by downloading PDF

Voters may check the list online by downloading the PDF list of electors in segments, according to the particular constituency.

To get the state wise link to PDF of electors list, click here.

After visiting the above link, click on the state you are enrolled as a voter in. The website of state CEO will open. Next, click on link for electoral rolls. Input assembly constituency.

Do Voter ID Search online – Click here

Get Voter card List by E-Rolls

Another option available for voters is instead of downloading PDF file; search your name in the e-rolls. For this, the requirement is to submit the voter details into a separate page. Following this submission, the status of application will be displayed. The communication medium can be chosen by the voter as per convenience, either as English or Hindi.

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SMS Facility

In case any individual is not well acquainted with the use of computers or may have difficulty in searching for voters list online, he/ she may use SMS facility to track status of their voter ID card.

Message ELE [10 digit voter ID Card number], to 56677.

For more information and updates, stay tune to Voter ID Card.

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