I Don’t Have an Internet Connection how Else Could I get my Voter ID Card Chennai Without Visiting ERO Office?

In one of our previous articles we discussed about the fact that how the amazingly smooth functioning of the voter id card online registration process is advantageous only for those who have an internet connection. And that the only task made easier for the non-internet users was that they could check their name in the Voters’ List just by sending a simple text message.

But now the ECI, with its ever so dynamic approach towards convenience for the voters, has some good news for people who want to get their Voter ID Card in Chennai. People in Chennai who are non-users of the world wide web can still take advantage of the Voter ID Card Online process which is unarguably the easiest method for Voter registration and voter id card issuance in Chennai and as a matter of fact in all the states of our nation.

The Commission with observations that made them conclude that the turnout for online Voter ID Card registration in Chennai was not satisfactory, has decided to collaborate with private Cyber Cafes or Internet Stations to act as Voter ID Card centers where voters could come, register and get the voter id cards that are yet to be issued.

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This move would facilitate new voters to easily go to authorized Cyber Cafes and get their new voter id cards and their name in the voters’ list of the constituency swiftly before the deadline for the final summary revision of the electoral roll approaches.

The final deadline for inclusion and deletion of names from the electoral rolls in Chennai has been pitched to be 31st October 2013. Applications for inclusion/deletion/correction of names in the electoral roll could be filled at these cafes at a nominal fee of Rs.15/-.

When does one require to Fill Voter ID card Application Form 001?Would these cyber cafes be similar to Mee Seva Kendras?

These services are provided at Mee Seva Kendras in Andhra Pradesh and some other states and have been hugely successful in attracting a host of new voters to get their Voter ID Cards issued quickly and without any hassles. Following the footsteps of the Mee Seva Project the Commission is hopeful that these collaborations with the private cyber cafe owners would be as successful in attracting new voter registrations and hence make the process more convenient for the voters.

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Just like the Mee Seva Kendras, the authorized cyber cafes would become Voter ID Card centers in Chennai, at these centers people would be able to electronically register their names and hence upon verification of  Identity credentials they would be issued their Voter ID Cards and their names be registered into the Electoral Rolls of their respective constituencies.

Which all Cyber Cafes have been authorized?

Although more information is yet be provided about the list of authorized Cyber Cafes, but it is official that the Election Commission of the State has signed an agreement with the TNICOA(Tamil Nadu Internet Center Owners’ Association) to facilitate this ambitious project which aims at making the issuance of Voter ID Card Chennai, a more accessible process for the Voters especially those who are the new additions to the Voter Force. This move of the Commission is surely going attract the new voters, who otherwise thought that the issuing and registration process(for Voter ID Card Chennai) is a tedious one.

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