How to Conduct Search for Voter ID Details Through SMS?

Knowing your Voter ID Details is of immense importance when the motive of the citizens is to be well endowed with the proper documents that would ensure a smooth entry into polling booth at the time of elections.

With the election commission’s constant efforts to ease out every process related to the voter id card, there is a plethora of ways with which people can now easily proceed with various formalities relating to the Voter ID Card in India.

Although most of the ease for Voter ID application comes with the use of internet, the commission has not ruled out the fact that all the voters do not have accessibility to the World Wide Web. For this reason, the Election Commission has also formulated various methods through which people can perform tasks like checking application status, receiving Voter ID Details and Checking their name in the voter list using their mobile phones.

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The Mobile App for Voter Card Andhra Pradesh

For Voter ID Card AP, people can now take advantage of the newly conceived Election Commission mobile app for android, by the Election Office of the state. Android is the most expanded mobile operating system in the contemporary network of telecommunication because of its immense outreach. Therefore by developing a mobile application for this platform that would help the Voters to check their name in the voters’ list, the election commission has once again proved its metal in providing solutions to the citizens relating to the voter ID Card and at the same time staying updated with the latest technology.  Another thing which has been made possible by the Election Commission, is receiving of Voter ID details on your mobile device by sending a simple text message.

You can now check your name in the Voters's list by downloading Android App in Andhra. To search Voter ID Details, you can send a simple sms.

Therefore in Andhra Pradesh, the voters can search for their name in the voters’ list and receive their voter id details entirely by using their mobile devices.

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How to use the mobile device to complete these two tasks?

To check your name in the electoral roll of your constituency in Andhra Pradesh, you can download the mobile application, that is compatible with all versions of the android application. The only requirement to run this application is that the operating system should be Android. This mobile app to check your name in the electoral roll could be easily downloaded from the CEO website i.e www.CEOAndhra.nic.in

To receive your Voter ID Details you need not have android operating system on your mobile phone because these details can be obtained by the voters in Andhra Pradesh, simply by sending a text message.

To receive these details, you have to type ‘Vote <Voter ID Card Number>’ For example, if your Voter ID Card Number is AP123456789101 , then you will have to text ‘Vote AP123456789101’ and send it to 9246280027. Henceforth you would receive a text message with your Elector and Polling station details as a reply.

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This mobile app is surely another feather in the cap of the Election Commission that seeks out numerous ways to incorporate the latest technology into the prevalent Voter ID Card application process and hence make various tasks easier. We hope that an application like this soon available for all the States of India.

How to check Voter ID details through SMS in Delhi?

Similarly for Voter ID Card Delhi, you can check your details or name in the voters’ list simply by texting ‘EPIC(Space)<Voter ID Card Number> and sending it to 7738299899.  Just like the internet, the incorporation of the mobile systems into the Voter ID Card process would surely be a success and hence take the Election Commission one step forward in realizing its dream of achieving 100 percent voter turnout in the elections, hence catalyzing the working of this great democracy of ours.

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  1. i was an applied at new oter id in online.. that’s status will be success but, I could not get any oter id or epic number..

  2. I lost my voter id
    My name is Md.Tarique anwar
    S/o- Md Nashim ansari
    Mobile number:- 9386531035
    Address:- Mani Tola, Hinoo Dorananda Ranchi,Jharkhand

  3. Sir I applied for correction of voter card on 18th April 2015 through form 8 .you have given a referance number as F8-1606463. Till now not corrected.please send corrected voter card .Thank you.

    • Hi M. Srinivasulu,

      We haven’t given any reference number, it is the election officers handling the voter id card procedure who must have given. We do not issue nor make voter cards. We guide and help people in the process and steps involved clear their queries.

      You can check this link to know what is the problem with your card: Click Here

  4. hi

    I applied for vote through online it took 4 months time
    till i am not getting any status

    i want the reason why?

    • Hi Ankaiah,

      Please check the status following once again. If still you do not find any statue, then you will have to contact your local polling office to knw the reason. At times if the application is not properly submitted or some documents are missing etc, then they are not processed.

  5. I have registered my name through online for voter ID card Ref. tracking no. ID no. 1511899373328f27 please let me know the status for this ID card.

    • Hi Vathsala,

      Please follow the steps mentioned in this post to check your status. Nobody can do it for you, you yourself will have to check the status.

  6. sir my epic no is RXC1419910 . I have still not got my voter id card.it has been more than 1 year.Epic no has been provided by the electrol people on enquery which is correct when checked on internet.how to get my voters id card??

  7. sir
    I am from lucknow and i have epic no (XGFO871046) unfortunate i got two mistake on my card. first in name & second in add. can i correct that mistake online or any other proses. please guide me. or solve my problem.
    Waiting for your reply

    • Hi Syed Khurshid,

      If you have the wrong spelling of your name on the EPIC, wrongly mentioned address, age or D.O.B, then your card qualifies for correction of details which could be done by filling the Form No. 8. This form is available for download from this link here. and could also be filled online. The procedure of filling both of the forms is similar to the procedure of filling the Form No. 6. Appropriate documents and passport size photographs are also required.

      Hope it helps.

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