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Check VOTER ID CARD STATUS in 2 minutes. Voter Card Status online and Offline in less than 2 minutes, Voter ID card application status via SMS or check your Election Card Status or Election ID Card Status by visiting the State Chief Electoral Officer's office or nearest polling booth. Get all the details here.


Check Voter ID Card Status:

1. Check Voter ID Status by Name in 2 minutes?

2. Various Ways To Check Your Voter ID Status or Voter ID Application Status and Election Card Status

3. I have not received Voter card even after several months of applying?

4. Easiest Way to Check Voter ID Card Status Tamilnadu

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This guide has been written after interacting with dozens of officials from Election Commission of India and from the offices of various State CEO. So, you can be 100% assured of its authenticity and accuracy.

6. Know the status of Voter ID Card via SMS:

Voter ID Status Check – How to check your Voter Card Status in 2 minutes?

Checking Voter ID Status is very important to know what has happened with your application and to also understand why is the application taking a long time to process and the reason for you not having received your voter ID still. Once you attain 18 years of age, you are entitled to get your Voter ID. Many apply for the same either by registering online or submitting the documents and the form at the local Chief Election Officer. However, while some voters get their voter card soon, … [Read more...]

Distribution of Election Card as per Electoral Roll

As per directive of the Election Commission of India, election cards must be quickly and properly distributed to voters. The voters in the electoral roll include existing voters as well as new voters for each constituency. What is an Electoral List? Each constituency has a Voters List where names of its respective valid Indian citizens (above the age of 18 years) are mentioned. This voter list is also called as Electoral Roll. As per law, the people whose names are mentioned in the … [Read more...]