How to Correct Errors in the Electoral List of Your Constituency?

A Voter ID Card is your passport to the Election Booth but there’s something more you need along with the Voter ID Card.You cannot exercise your vote with a mere Voter ID Card. Your name is a must in the Electoral Roll of your Constituency, which can be considered as you second passport to the Election Booth.

What is an Electoral Roll?

Inclusion of one’s name in the electoral list is a must in order to cast vote in India. Although election card is also necessary to exercise one’s franchise, voters will not be allowed to vote if their names are not enlisted in the electoral roll.

The electoral roll lists the names and addresses of the people who are registered to vote in the Elections. It is used in order to make sure that only eligible people vote. Electoral roll or list is available for all assembly constituencies in our country along with the the names of valid voters who can vote in that constituency.

A voters list is prepared judiciously by Election Commission of India (ECI) along with each state’s Chief Electoral Officer (CEO), State Election Commissioners (SEC), and other officers working under them.

Importance of Electoral List

The names of the eligible voters are enlisted in the electoral list. As per the update in the list, the voters would get a voter ID card. Errors in the electoral list would reflect an error in the voter id card as well. An election card is not only essential for voting, it also helps to avail many services that are meant only for the voters who reside in India. So, it is important to correct errors in the electoral roll to ensure that the data of each voter is correct and voters also get a correct and updated Voter ID Card.

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The other reasons why we should update out details in the voters list and rectify the incorrect information are given under:

  • Each year, new voters join the list as youngsters turn 18 and become eligible to vote.
  • Each year, thousands die and their names must be deleted from the voters list.
  • Many change their residence due to work commitments or otherwise.
  • Some women change their surnames after marriage.
  • Errors also crop in when vernacular spelling is wrong.
  • Typo errors are also common while transferring data from forms to the actual list.

Electoral list helps to recognize actual voters, stop bogus voting, check malpractices in elections, and perform essential tasks in elections. So, if you find that there is an error in the voter’s list, you must take immediate steps to correct those errors. The ECI offers many state-wise voter awareness program to encourage voters to log in and update the voter list by highlighting the errors against their names in the list.

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Importance of Voter List and how to enroll in to it

How to Correct Errors in the Voter’s List

To rectify the errors in the voter list, you need to log in to your state’s CEO website. After specifying your mobile number, email ID, and name, you will be given a unique login name and password. Once you login with this unique set, you will be forwarded to the E-registration menu. Steps after this are as follows:

  • Click the Correct your Card option. Form 8 will be displayed.
  • Download and fill in the form accurately. You need to specify your name, address and relation in the respective text boxes. Check for typo errors and wrong data input.
  • Fill in the data as given in your Election Photo Identity Card [EPIC] such as EPIC card number, personal credentials, constituency, and so on.
  • Click the Translate button to see the translation of the inputs you have given in the vernacular language – the official language of the state. Spellings are very important here as the software may not be able to translate properly.
  • Upload your colored passport-size photo.
  • Upload your age proof, identify proof, and proof of residence.
  • Click the Save button to complete the process. You can take the printout of the application form as well.
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The Election Registration Officer (ERO) or the Booth Level Officer (BLO) will correct errors in the voters list once the input in the forms is correct.

Correct Errors in CEO Andhra Voters List

Suppose you are a resident of Andhra Pradesh and there is an error in your Voter’s List Andhra Pradesh, you need not worry at all. The CEO Andhra who issues the Voter ID Card has made the online procedure extremely simple and easy to understand. All you need to do is visit this website:


Once you click on the Official Link above you will land on the CEO main webpage, there you can follow the above procedure of Clicking on Form 8 to Correct Your Details and then update it. After submitting this application you may expect a visit from the Block Level Officer of your area, he would validate your request for correction of Voter ID details by verifying your identity during his visit.

If it has been a long time and you have not received a visit from any higher official, you can call the CEO Andhra helpline number which is- 1950

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  1. Sir We have been promised that we would get within 10 days after application the new voter card. We have moved from Calcutta to Chennai in Sep 2015. Applied for Voter Id after submitting the old voter ids of Calcutta. Ramamurthy and Geetha. Kindly confirm the status

  2. Dear Officer In-charge,

    I am holding ECI of India Identity card, bearing No: RS1023931 issued to me on 18.10.2008 by the Electoral Registration Officer for 33 Dwarka Assemly Constituency. To-day when i went to the Polling Booth behind Nasirpur Sabzi Mandi to cast my vote for the Delhi Assembly Election 2013, i was told that my name was not found in the Voters’ list and as such i could not cast my vote. i was totally disappointed and dismayed that in a vibrant democracy of India i was denied of my voting rights enunciated in the Constitution of India just because of some error(s) in the data entry. i also came to know several people fell in this category of error. Could you please look into the matter and let me know how did this type of error happened and what is the mechanism available to prevent this alt lest in the future.

  3. my voter cadr number is ROJ1721810 i want ti check my name.voter id card given to name correction but still not received so please inform me .

  4. my name was A.mohamed gani .incorrectly written in voter id card,mugamathu khan so now please tell me how to get a voter card with correct name.

    my card number Tn/29/172/0033841
    my name is . A.Mohamed gani
    but in voter card show name. mugamathu khan
    my mobile. 80985 21611 vodafone
    my place. kuttalam

  5. my date of birth is incorrect in my voter id card.I have been trying to correct it and already filled the form one year ago but still unable to get my correct voter id card.

  6. hi this is ramana reddy i want my village voters list how axcess plz tell procedure 0r veluguvaripalem tallur (m) prakasham dist andhrapradesh plz send list to voters list

  7. Hello Sir,
    I submitted Form-8 in april of 2013. But till now the application status is under processing. How to know what is going on. The toll free number 1950 is not at all working. Phone is ringing but nobody lifts the phone. How can I get rid of these problems? Please help me.

  8. Card # : UKL0930974 ( Huzur – Bhopal)

    Dear Sirs,
    My age in the voter id card is 70 where as I am 90 years old. I was born in 1922 and not 1942 as stated in the cards.I had given all the necessary documents supporting this correction. Kindly rectify the same. thanking you,
    yours sincerely,
    Basant kumari navlakha


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