How can I get my Voter ID Details?

The Voter ID Card is a very important document for every citizen of India. It allows you to exercise the legitimate right to vote. Although you can Vote without a Voter ID Card, but you still need to apply for it to get your name in the Voting List – Getting your name in the Voting List is most important for you to be allowed to cast your vote during the elections. Not only this, apart from enabling you to vote, the voter ID card acts as a valid identity proof and address proof. So basically it is one document that you must possess, as soon as you turn eighteen as it has many functions.  Before telling you about how to get your voter ID details, we would like to advise you to make sure that you check your name in the voters list.

The voters list, as the name suggests is the list prepared by the government which contains names of all the people who are registered to vote for the elections. You can check your name in the voters list by following the steps mentioned below:

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Voter ID Details: Check your name in the voters list

voter-id-details-how-to-get1. In order to check if your name is in the voters list, you need to first login to the official website of election commission of India which is www.eci.nic.in . The quickest method to search your name in the voters list is by going to www.nvsp.in , in this, as soon as you open the website you will see the option of “Search your name in the electoral roll” right in front of you, at the homepage. Simply Click that option and enter the details in order to check your name.

2. Once you open the website of the election commission of India, scroll down and look at the extreme left. There will be a small, blue column and on that there will be three links.

3. Click on “Name Search in the Voters list”.

4. You will be redirected to a web page where the names of all our states will be displayed. Click on the state you belong to.

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5. It will open a form in which you will be asked to enter some personal details in order to check your name in the voters list. You can also check your name by entering your EPIC (voter id card) number.

How to get Voter ID Details:

how-to-get-voter-id-details1. Once you have checked your name in the voters list, you can get your voter ID Details by following the process below.

2. Go to the website “electoralsearch.in”.

3. You will see a form in front of you; you will have to fill the form with your personal details in order to get your voter ID details.

4. There are two options to fill up this form, one option is by filling up the personal information and then clicking on the search option.

5. The second option includes searching for voter id details using your EPIC number. EPIC number refers to electoral photo identity card or voter ID card number.

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6. If you want to search your voter ID details using your voter ID card number, then you must click on the ‘search by EPIC’ option.

7. Once you click on this option, another form will open up which will ask for your EPIC number, state and the Code that will be displayed on your screen.

8. Enter the EPIC number, state and code and click on the search option to know about your voter ID details.

We hope we were able to help you in looking for your voter ID details, keep reading for more such posts. Voteridcard.org.in wishes you a nice day ahead!

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