Voter ID Card Bihar, Style Meets Convenience

The Lok Sabha Elections are around the corner. The parties are trying to lure in voters, either by the work they have done or the work they sough to do. Large scale campaigns are being conducted by almost all the big players of politics in order to secure a victory in the coming elections. There is another organization that is all geared up for elections in the state of Bihar.

The Election Commission is one organization that has become equally active as the political parties, whereas its motive is a bit different. The commission has sought to secure a great voter turnout and hence it has geared up for that purpose. Bihar is one of the most important states if we talk about the electoral politics. No wonder that it would be one of the deciding factors for the fate of results of the Lok Sabha Elections 2014. Therefore the fate of democracy is also at the mercy of this electoral elixr of a state. Hence the CEO Bihar is equally responsible or rather burdened to make sure that the elections get the best of voters both quantitatively and qualitatively.

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What is so special about the Voter ID Card Bihar?

In an endeavor to secure a great number of voters, the CEO Bihar is leaving no stone unturned. When we talk about the quintessential voter, the Voters’ List and the Voter ID Card Bihar are the two fundamental units that determine whether the Voter would be able to successfully cast a vote or not. Therefore the registration process for both of these units must be a smooth experience for the voter. This will ensure that the number voters who are registered is above par. Here is where the CEO Bihar has its utmost responsibility. The same responsibility which this office takes rather seriously.

The Lok Sabha Elections are around the corner and therefore the CEO Office in Bihar is looking up for maximum voter id card registrations. Here is an insight.

This statement becomes evident from the fact that the CEO website of Bihar is one most well maintained and aesthetically pleasing voter registration and election websites of the nation. Therefore this ensures one of the pre requisites for a free and fair election. The pre requisite is that the voters have an hassle free experience when it comes to Voter ID Card Registration in Bihar.

Special Features

Wondering what makes the CEO Website and Voter ID Card registration in Bihar so special? Here are some of the special features of the this well maintained and well designed website:-

  • A Clickable Map of all the Assembly and Parliamentary Constituencies of Bihar. This helps the voters know about the precise name of their Assembly Constituency, something which is required for Voter ID Card Registration in Bihar. Interested? Here is the direct link:- http://gis.bih.nic.in/giselection.html
  • The Online registration page for Voter ID Card Bihar is by default presented in Hindi. Therefore it offers immense convenience for those who have Hindi as their mother tongue and are not as comfortable with English. If you want to be a registered voter in Bihar, here is the direct link for the above mentioned section:-
  • When you click on the Online Registration Link, you are not only presented with Voter ID Card Form 6 for inclusion of name into the electoral roll, but also with all the other essential Voter ID Card Forms like Form 7, 8, 8A, etc. On the same page, you have links for downloading the instructions for filling these forms too.
  • The Youtube button. There are very few CEO Website with their own channels on Youtube. CEO Bihar is one of them. You can subscribe by clicking on the YouTube icon on their home page and hence view all the informative videos.
  • Eye-catching Home page images. The home page has its own cover area with a slide show playing spontaneously. This slide show projects the images of the campaigns and events organized by the CEO Bihar in order to increase awareness about voting and voter id card Bihar. Their latest campaign has Ms. Ratan Rajput, a famous TV Actor, endorsing the Voter ID Card and encouraging the youth of Bihar to Vote and make a difference.
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To sum up, some of these special features do make a difference and make the online voter registration process a smooth and hassle free experience. It also does catch the eye of the magnanimous population of youth in Bihar so that they too could take a step forward and apply for a Voter ID Card and hence do they their bit for the nation and the democracy by casting their essential vote.

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