Smriti Irani Speech in Parliament Every Indian MUST WATCH

On 24th Feb, 2016 amidst the chaos, unruly behaviour and slogan chanting of various Members of the Parliament including senior MPs, Union HRD Minister Smriti Irani speech was very well articulated and replied to every question. The last words left BSP supremo Mayawati, and others in the parliament stunned.

Watch the Highlights of the Speech shared in the 5 Videos below:

BSP supremo Mayawati cornered the BJP, and alleging the inability and unwillingness of the government to do justice in case of dalit student Rohith Vemula’s suicide. She said Smriti Irani and Bandaru Dattatreya must resign, as they have failed to take action against the people responsible for Rohith’s suicide. She also demanded the Jury assigned for this case to have a Dalit.

Fiery Smriti Irani Speech with a Dramatic Reply:

“My only question to the senior members of this House is, are we going to let the caste of a judge decide whether he can deliver justice?” Irani asked.

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Mayawati had no convincing reply to this. However this did not stop her or the other MPs who also tried to bring up the JNU controversy and further stall the proceedings led to a face off between Smriti Irani and Mayawati, which ended with this dramatic reply from Smriti Irani:

We bring you that and other highlights from this stunning speech by the HRD Minister:


Here is more from the Fiery Smriti Irani Speech and Reply:

She starts her answers to each of the questions raised against her and here are the excerpts…

Some of her answers make opposition and other MPs uncomfortable:

She further gives proof of how Rohith Vemula’s death was made into a political issue and no one came to help the student:


She goes on to explain the truth and real reason for the action taken against the JNU students. There are some shocking revelations to about what our kids learn in their text books:

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And she further adds some hard facts, which silences everyone in the parliament:

This was indeed a well articulated and facts filled reply which not a lot of opposition members or other opposing MPs were expecting.

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