Voter ID Portability: Voter Slip to now Become e-Slip?

Recently, there has been a lot of news going around about Election Commission’s plan on replacing voter slip with e-slips. This article will provide you with all the information regarding the new proposal of the Election Commission. Voter ID Portability: Voter Slip Now e-Slip? What is a Voter Slip? A voter slip is used as the first step of identification of the voter on polling Day. Voter slip is issued by Booth level officers of an area; they are also required to distribute the voter slips … [Read more...]

ECI directs CEO Mumbai to Issue Voter Slips before Lok Sabha 2014

The Lok Sabha General Elections are scheduled for April 24, 2014 and will be undertaken in 9 phases throughout India. However, many voters have found out that their names have been struck off from the electoral roll. Some reasons are that many have migrated to other places in India, changed their address, got transferred, got married, etc. If you are one from the above list or simply don’t have an election ID card, here is your chance to vote. According to the Election Commission Mumbai, … [Read more...]