Jharkhand Assembly Election 2014- A Complete Guide to Voting

Recently, assembly elections 2014 in Maharashtra and Haryana got concluded. The verdict of the public was more or less clear. Bhartiya Janta Party swept the number one spot for both of these states. Devendra Fadnavis sworn in as the chief minister for Maharashtra whereas it was Manohar Lal Khattar for the state of Haryana. BJP got majority in Haryana but not in Maharashtra. For now, it is running a minority government until it finds the right ally. Now, it is almost time for Jharkhand assembly election 2014. Jharkhand is a large state with 81 assembly constituencies. Therefore, the election is going to take place in not one but 5 phases.

Jharkhand Assembly Election 2014 Schedule and Dates

Recently, CEO Jharkhand announced the schedule and dates for the assembly election 2014 in the state. The following is the schedule for Jharkhand assembly election 2014: –

Phase 1

Issue of notification: – 29th October 2014

Last day of making nomination: – 5th November 2014

Date of scrutiny: – 7th November 2014

Date of poll: – 25th November 2014

Date of counting: – 23rd December 2014

Phase 2

Issue if notification: – 7th November 2014

Last date for nomination: – 14th November 2014

Scrutiny: – 15th November 2014

Poll Date: – 2nd December 2014

Counting of Votes: – 23rd December 2014

Phase 3

Notification: – 14th November 2014

Nomination: – 21st November 2014

Scrutiny: – 22nd November 2014

Poll Date: – 9th December 2014

Counting of Votes: – 23rd December 2014

Phase 4

Notification: – 19th November 2014

Nomination: – 26th November 2014

Scrutiny: – 27th November 2014

Poll Date: – 14th December 2014

Counting of Votes: – 23rd December 2014

Phase 5(Final phase for Jharkhand assembly election 2014)

Notification: – 26th November 2014

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Nomination: – 3rd December 2014

Scrutiny: – 4th December 2014

Poll Date: – 20th December 2014

Counting of Votes: – 23rd December 2014

A complete guide to Jharkhand assembly election 2014

Phase Wise Details for Jharkhand Assembly Election 2014

To know which assembly constituency is going to have which of the 5 poll dates for Jharkhand assembly election 2014, here is the phase wise break up of the constituencies: –

There are total 81 Vidhan Sabha constituencies in Jharkhand, here is the list of the constituencies which are going to have election in the different Phase categories(The assembly number is followed by the assembly name): –


Date if Poll- 25.11.2014, Thursday.

27- Chatara(SC)

68- Ghumia(ST)

69- Bishunpur(ST)

72- Lohardaga(ST)

73- Manika(ST)

74- Latehar(SC)

75- Panki

76- Daltonganj

77- Bishrampur

78- Chattarpur(SC)

79- Hussainabad

80- Garhwa

81- Bhawanathpur

PHASE 2 for Jharkhand Assembly Election 2014

Date of Poll- 2.12.2014, Tuesday

44- Baharagora

45- Ghatsila(ST)

46- Potka(ST)

47- Jugsalai(SC)

48- Jamshedpur East

49- Jamshedpur West

51- Saraikella(ST)

52- Chaibasa(ST)

53- Majhganon(ST)

54- Jaganathpur(ST)

55- Mahoharpur(ST)

56- Chakradharpur(ST)

57- Kharasawan(ST)

58- Tamar(ST)

59- Torpa(ST)

60- Khunti(ST)

66- Mandar(ST)

67- Sisal(ST)

70- Simdege(ST)

71- Kolebira(ST)

3rd Phase Poll Information

Date of Poll- 9.12.2014, Tuesday.

19- Kodarma

20- Barkatha

21- Barhi

22- Barkagaon

23- Ramgarh

24- Mandu

25- Hazaribagh

26- Simaria(SC)

28- Dhanwar

34- Gomia

35- Bermo

50- Ichagarh

61- Silli

62- Khijri(ST)

63- Ranchi

64- Hatla

65- Kanke(SC)

Jharkhand Assembly Election 2014 Phase 4

Date of Poll- 14.12.2014, Sunday.

13- Madhupur

15- Deoghar(SC)

29- Begodar

30- Jamua(SC)

31- Gandey

32- Giridh

33- Dumri

36- Bokaro

37- Chandankyari(SC)

38- Sindri

39- Nirsa

40- Dhanbad

41- Jharia

42- Tundi

43- Baghmera

Phase 5 Assembly Constituencies 

Date of Poll-  14.12.2014, Saturday.

1- Rajmahal

2- Borio(ST)

3- Barhait(ST)

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4- Littipara(ST)

5- Pakur

6- Maheshpur(ST)

7- Shikaripara(ST)

8- Nala

9- Jamtara

10- Dumka(ST)

11- Jama(ST)

12- Jarmundi

14- Sarath

16- Poreyahat

17- Godda

18- Mahagama

So this concludes the categorization of different assembly constituencies into the 5 different phases of the Jharkhand Assembly election 2014. Now that you know the poll or voting date for the Vidhan Sabha constituency in which you live, you must pull up your socks in order to ensure that you get to exercise your voting right in Jharkhand. So in the following sections we help you with the voting related tasks that would help you gain entry to the polling station and cast your vote for the right governance in Jharkhand.

Check Your Name in the Jharkhand Voter List 2014

You need to have your name in the voter list 2014 if you wish to cast your vote in the Jharkhand assembly election 2014. Although right now online application procedure might be closed down due to the proximity of the elections but still you can access the search engine on CEO Jharkhand website to check your name in the voter list 2014. Just visit the official CEO website for the state which is http://archive.jharkhand.gov.in/ceo/

On the homepage of this website, you would be able to view an important new bulletin corner. On this corner, all the important updates launched by CEO and election commission of India are brought to the notice of the visitors. In this bulletin, you would find the option to check your voter details in Jharkhand voter list 2014. You would just need your voter id card number in order to check your name and other details entered into the voter list 2014 of this state. Here is the direct link to check your voter details by using the EPIC number: –

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Once you reach this link, just select one of the following options: –

  • District wise.
  • AC wise.

Selected one of these? Now just select the correct district or assembly from the drop down list. You would then be asked to enter information like the Jharkhand voter id card number. Upon entering the required information, you would be able to check name in the voter list 2014 for the Jharkhand assembly election 2014.

 Can I Cast my Vote Without Voter ID Card in the Jharkhand Assembly Election 2014?

If you have your name in the Voter list 2014 for Jharkhand assembly election 2014 then you can still cast your vote without a voter id card. The same was the case in the recent Maharashtra and Haryana assembly elections. In these states, the CEO released a list of documents that could be used as alternatives to the voter id cards. These documents could be anything official like a driving licence, govt. sector issued identity cards, govt. sector issued insurance documents, ration cards or properly authenticated voter slips. You can access the list issued for Mahrashtra by clicking here. Although a similar list is yet to be officially released by CEO Jharkhand but you can stay assured that the list would be identical to the one issued by CEO Maharashtra and CEO Haryana. Hence if any of the voters have lost their voter id card or damaged them, they can still get a chance to exercise their franchise to vote by presenting one of the listed alternate documents to the polling officer at the polling station.



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