Top Five Issues That Will Decide The Fate Of Elections 2014

Being the largest democratic nation in the world, India also has some of the biggest issues that have plagued the nation since many years. Indeed many promises were made to fight these issues. And they were broken with equal elan. No wonder we are yet to see the back of them. So what are these issues that will have the biggest impact on general elections 2014?

Corruption and bureaucracy

This has to be the number one issue that every Indian wants to get resolve.  In fact to get rid would be more appropriate to say. For far too long the citizens of India have suffered because of unwarranted and immoral conduct of those in the power.

issues deciding elections result-general-elections-2014-corruption-bureaucracy

Every leader or person in charge is looking to fill up their pockets. Even to process official documents one has to pay bribes. Irrespective of whether you want to open a business or get an admission to college or even secure admission to a school for one’s kid, corruption rules the roost.

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Bureaucracy is another disease ailing the country. The system more or less works on the whims and fancies of some selected and powerful leaders. Those under them are a front for the sake of it. All sort of illegible activities under the garb of secrecy are conducted. These have costed the country immeasurable loss. In the end it is the taxpayer who ends up facing its consequences.


Another burning issue that has refused to go away. The government has not been able to reign in this demon. Assurance after assurance was all we got, but no action taken to deal with this issue. The rising cost of essential commodities has hit hard almost everyone, from a farmer to urban population.

issues deciding elections result-general-elections-2014-inflation

Whether it is the rise of bus and rickshaw fare or hike in fuel price or unstoppable rise of vegetable prices, there is seems to be no end to this economic disaster. On top of that is the never increasing salary. Year after year it is the same story. Stagnant would be the word for it. t stays the same and everything else seems to The inflation has already burnt a hole in the pocket of the common man.

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Protection and safety of women

The gory Delhi rape case is not something that is bound to be forgotten for a long time. It is a chilling reminder of how vulnerable women folk are in the country.

issues deciding elections result-general-elections-2014-violence-women

Whether it is the burning of a girl because of breaking community rules or bringing shame to the family, every day brings a new sense of shame to the country. Then there are the Khap Panchayats, the so called guardians of the villagers. One can only imagine the intellect of these committees when they say eating chow mein is the reason for corruption among the youth. Enough said.

Religious extremism.

This is another issue that has raised it ugly head more prominently in the last few years. Every other day there is news about mindless violence in the name of religion which never caused any benefit but only heartache and suffering.

issues deciding elections result-general-elections-2014-religious-extremism

The history of India has it’s fair share of such unpleasant incidents of religious extremism. The common man now has become far too sensible to fall for such traps a trap. As if the common man’s life wasn’t miserable already, the rise of the religious extremism has only made the life of a common man worse.

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What other issue do you think should rank among the top five issues that will decide the fate of general elections 2014. Post your feedback and suggestions in the comments section.

We need leaders/government that can tackle these issues with an iron fist. The recent victory of AAP in the Delhi elections has given hope to already suffering Indians. In a way we have got a small glimpse of what our country can be if run by honest and capable administrators.

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