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Elections bring a lot of hustle bustle into the nation. Campaigns, debates and rallies are organized at large scales, by the concerned political parties, to woo the voters and gather a majority to form the government. Therefore it is ultimately the Voters’ decision that would put an end to the parties’ aspirations and get them what they long for. Post election, the kind of work and development that government achieves, in turn determines the outcome of the next election.

Therefore, the citizens cast a vote out of their own best interest. The kind of government that is elected, ultimately affects the surrounding of each individual and hence its lifestyle. This factor is enough for one to get up and cast a vote in favor of a worthy candidate from a worthy party.

This very idea of voting has been established in order to prioritize the opinion of the citizens, who ultimately form the best resource of any nation. Therefore by taking a good decision and by voting for a deserving candidate, you ultimately help improve your surroundings. These improved surroundings directly affect the whole society and hence the final outcome of this good decision is a better nation and an even better democracy.

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Out of all the important documents you apply for, the Voter ID Card is perhaps the most important one. Not only it would help you verify your identity at many stages of life but also enable you to cast your vote(provided you have your name included in the electoral roll). Therefore a registered voter is an iconic ideal citizen, who is concerned about the social factors and hence would make the best out of his fundamental right to vote. These characteristics, if found in the majority of our citizens, would surely make India a much better nation than what it is now.

Hence, you must know that the process for Voter Registration must not be taken lightly at all. However, some may think it is tedious process. The fact is that, if you Apply Online for your Voter ID Card, it is not a tedious process at all. Although the only stage, where you may get confused, is looking for the appropriate website where you would be enabled to perform various formalities relating to your Voter ID Card.

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People tend to get confused about the website they need to access in order to apply online for their voter id card. However, visiting the ECI website is sufficient

Confused About Which website to Visit to Apply Online for your Voter ID Card?

Well, to end all your confusion let us present to you the one stop website where you can access all the online forms relating to your Voter ID Card and apply online for it. The website we are talking about is:- www.eci.nic.in
This website is the Election Commission of India‘s own website which caters to all the required services for the voters. From the homepage itself, you would be able to see that you can complete the following tasks:-

  • Enroll as a voter, Apply Online for your Voter ID Card.
  • Enroll as a NRI Voter(If you are an Indian Living Overseas.
  • Search your name in the Voters’ Lists.
  • Access Polling Station Maps.
  • Find the contact nos. of the concerned Booth Level Officers.
  • Register your complaints relating to the Voter ID Card and the online application process.

How to apply online for your Voter ID Card through the ECI Website?

According to our research, the method for applying online for your Voter ID Card through the ECI website is apparently easier as compared to the online application through the CEO Websites of the different states.

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In order to be a registered voter and get your name included into the electoral rolls, you have to fill the Voter Registration Form 6. When you are redirected to the ECI website, you can simply click on the icon saying ‘Enroll Now, Become a Voter‘ in order to fill the Voter ID Card Form 6 and apply online for it.

People tend to get confused about the website they need to access in order to apply online for their voter id card. However, visiting the ECI website is sufficient

As soon as you click the above mentioned icon, you would be taken to a page where you would have to enter your Mobile No. and Email Address. Upon clicking proceed, you would receive a verification code on the provided number. As soon as you enter that code under the concerned tab, you would be directed to the online version of Voter ID Card Application Form 6. This online version of the form is too simple to fill and could be easily completed in a few minutes. For more details about how to apply online using the Voter ID Card Form 6, click here.


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