Role Of Social Media In Elections And Election Commission Of India

In the run up to the 16th Lok Sabha¬†elections, a lot of attention was paid to conversations on social media, measuring which politicians were trending in search volume and counting retweets and followers. The first-time voters, many of whom form part of the 'connected' generation - numbered around 150 million this year, and most parties took steps to reach out to voters online and on social media. Social Media And Its Role In Elections The World Wide Web (WWW) turned 25 years in the month of … [Read more...]

Top Indian politicians to follow on social media

Indian politicians have never been known for being much savvy; barring a handful whom you can count on your fingertips. They have always been late to adapt to changes happening around them. Especially when it comes to being tech savvy, many are still unwilling to adopt it. With the advent of social media, they can no longer ignore the temptation to reach out to more people than ever before. These politicos have now understood the importance of social media and are leveraging their base of … [Read more...]

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