How to Check Your Voter ID Status by Just Going Online

In a large democratic country like India, elections are an integral part of the political system. Before elections, voters must have a valid voter card and their name must be listed in the electoral roll. It is very easy to check the status of your Voter ID Card or find out if your name is correctly entered in the electoral roll.

Although earlier, the voter I-card did not have a photo added to it, today, a voter ID card is a photo identity proof as well. In fact, these cards can be used as an address proof, name proof, and identity proof apart from providing evidence that the card holder has the right to vote.

To Whom is Voter Card Given?

A voter card is given to all citizens of India who have attained 18 years of age. Those who are working abroad on behalf of the Indian government are also eligible to apply for a voter card.

An applicant can apply for this card by filling a form. If you don’t have a Voter I Card, you must apply by submitting Form 6. In other words, this form is required if the applicant wants to apply for a new voter card. Voter ID registration in India can be done online as well. You need not visit the nearest electoral office to get your card.

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New applicants need to visit the Election Commission of India (ECI) website and access the respective form to get a voter identity card. Documents need to be submitted personally to the ECI office. Once the application is submitted, an application number is provided to the applicant.

Voter ID Registration in India and changes

The electorate must have a voter card to cast their votes. You may have applied earlier for an Election Card when the Booth Officer would have come to your locality. However, there are many people who already have a Voter ID Card and want to make changes in it . For instance, there may be a change of address or error in the name.

So, do you know how to change address, name or surname in a Voter ID Card? It is quite simple. You should visit the ECI website and click the appropriate link to access a form that will modify your existing card. For instance:

  • Form 6 – The form is used to get a new voter card altogether
  • Form 8 – the form is used to modify an address or typo error in the name, etc
  • Form 8A – the form is used for transposition of the name in the voter list. It usually happens if you change your residential address – but live at another place in the same constituency.
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The registration of the voter ID is required especially if you have changed your address or changed your surname – in case of married women.

How to check the status of Voter ID Registration online
Check Voter ID Card status online

Checking Voter ID Status

Voter ID registration in India has been streamlined a lot so that applicants can get their cards within 2-to-3 months. In fact, you don’t have to visit the office of the State Electoral Officer in person to know about the voter ID status.

You can now visit the ECI’s website to check the voter ID card status online. Applicants can check the status of their electoral card by sending an SMS to the electoral officer or seeking help from a dedicated ECI helpline.

Here is how to check voter ID card status online:

  • Visit the website of the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) of your state.
  • Click the “Check Application Status” link. Various forms will be displayed.
  • Click the appropriate radio button to spot the right form you had filled up. It can be Form 6, Form 8, or Form 8A.
  • Click the appropriate radio button against the information you want to place. You can opt for any one of the options, such as Application ID, Application Name, or House Number.
  • Key-in the correct Application Number you received when you had submitted the form.
  • Click the Search button. The voter ID status is displayed.
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So, don’t worry if you have not got your electoral card as yet. You can simply go online and check the voter ID status to find out where you application is stuck.

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  1. My voter ID No.is TXQ1523505.I have not received ID Card yet.Please provide me my ID Card.

  2. My voter Id No. is TXQ5119292. But I have not received my ID Card yet.Please provide me my card.

  3. Dear Sir,

    I am not having Voter id Card.but i have Voting Power. Only i get in Voting Slip in previous election time. only i have that proof.
    please kindly send my voter id card in this address


    Father’s Name: SURENDRAN

    Voter ID No: WBV1653799

    Address: No.4, MADURA HOUSES – I, KARPAGA NAGAR, AVANIYAPURAM P.O., MADURAI – 625 012. (Madurai Dist.)

  4. My name is Deepak Kumar ,I want to know status of My bhabhi’s voter ID card Mrs. kamla devi. w/o mr. manoj kumar, vill.ferusa,ps/po.garkha, distt.chapra,Saran Bihar. Plese help me.

  5. Dear sir,
    last three election i vote by using my voter id .But this time my name was deleted the final voter id list .Then again i apply with the special comp..But not get the voter id .It is possible to vote this election for my previous id

  6. i cant get my father’s voter id card.please help me how to get my father’s voter id card.whose name is Bijayananda Mishra.location sambalpur,gopalmal,word no.27,orissa

  7. Dear Sir,
    When I will received my voter I’d for me and my wife it was applied on 12/02/2014,13/02/2014

  8. please update lists of districts in ur website to trace my booth location.My Election commission of india identity card (ECIIC)…….SOH0126276. My wife ECIIC..BTF3563939.


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