What Happened in the Bandra By-Elections 2015?

By-polls are held every time there is a vacancy in the Parliamentary positions of a Constituency. In a series of unfortunate events, two Assembly seats in Mumbai, Maharashtra were left vacant with two of the demise of the two legislators: –

  1. Ex-deputy CM from Nationalist Congress Party, R.R Patil from Tasgaon—Kavthemahankal
  2. Sitting Bandra east legislator and Senior Sena leader, Bala Sawant

Due to the unfortunate vacancies in the Legislative Assembly for the two seats, By-polls were held in both the mentioned Constituencies on 11th April 2015. So let us know more details about the Bandra By-elections 2015.

how the bandra by-elections went

Voter Turn-Out Bandra By-Elections 2015

On the morning of 11th April 2015, more than 2,65,000 voters were expected to cast their votes inside 264 polling stations for the Bandra East Constituency. The expected number for the Tasgaon-Kavathemahankal Seat in Sangli district was around 2,69,000.

The final voter turn-out at the end of the polling day of Bandra by-Election looks like: – i). 42 percent for Bandra East ii). 58 percent for Tasgaon-Kavathemahankal(Sangli district)

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These numbers are really modest and we can say that the voter enthusiasm was a bit low this time around and not many people came out to cast their votes for the Bandra by-elections. Nevertheless, the Election went on peacefully and now the results are awaited.

Candidates in the Bandra By-Election 2015

From Bandra east, the Congress party fielded a heavy-weight candidate in the form of former CM, Narayan Rane. This partly because the party wants regain its lost ground after the Assembly Election defeat in Maharashtra. Shiv Sena honored Trupti Sawant, the widow of the former legislator Bala Sawant, by fielding her from Bandra east. BJP has fielded. Both these candidates would also compete against AIMIM’s Raja Rehbar Khan.

In Tasgaon—Kavthemahankal, Suman R. Patil(R. R. Patil’s widow) has the support of all major State parties. However, there is still conjecture in the political arena because of a BJP Candidate, Swapnil Patil who is also contesting the Election from the same seat.

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Who Wants to Win the Bandra By-Election 2015

Bandra is a proper urban locality. From skyscrapers to slum, everything is found in the Constituency. The place also houses some big business houses and hence, winning the seat would be important for all the parties. Still it is the Congress party that is waiting for some good news which is something it hasn’t heard in a while now. This means that after two back to back losses(Lok Sabha and Assembly Elections) in the State, the Congress really is trying too hard regain its ground through the Bandra seat.

For the Shiv Sena too, winning is really important as far as the Bandra by-elections are concerned. This is because Bandra is the home of the party founder, late Bal Thackeray who lived and worked from his Matoshree residence in the same area.

Therefore, a lot is at stake, as far as the Bandra by-elections are concerned. Since the voting has now ended, let us see when would we be able to see the outcome of the Election.

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Bandra by-Elections Result

The counting of votes for the Bandra by-Elections would be completed on 15th April 2015 and that is also the day when we would get to know about the winner of the Election.

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