How to Register Your Name in the Indian Voter List 2014?

Even before the inception of the photo voter id card, the photo voter list was the sole warrior in a bid to allow only legitimate voters to enter the polling booth and cast their votes. The election card with a photograph was only introduced in the year 1993 by the election commission of India in order to complement the photo electoral roll and hence even further reduce the cases of bogus and illegal voting. Till today, the voter list stands out as the most important¬†element during the … [Read more...]

Voter ID Form 6: How to register my wife at the New Address?

Here is a simple guide to get you wife's name registered at her new address after marriage, using Voter ID Form 6. Wedding bells ring and bring good luck along with a set of duties and responsibilities to the people who get married. These responsibilities and duties require both the bride and groom to take care of each other and go hand in hand through all the difficulties and situations of daily life. Now that enough said about the tasks inside wedlock, we would like to mention that the … [Read more...]