Do Voter ID Cards Expire? Get the Definitive Answer Here

Do Voter ID Cards expire? Ever thought if the Voter ID Card you have for the last many years - Is it still valid? Does it have any expiry date on it? The point is - Do unique identity cards like voter ID cards, expire? Do they have a specific expiry date such as in debit cards, driving license etc.? Do Voter ID Cards Expire – Yes or No? Voter ID cards are distinctive or unique identity cards that are issued by the Government, to the citizens who have applied for getting their names included … [Read more...]

Kiran Bedi and the 2 Voter ID Cards

Delhi Assembly Elections are less than a week far. Party workers of different backgrounds are united to ensure a victory for their respective parties. Campaigning and the hustle-bustle have become a part of the daily life of the Citizens of Delhi. Party leaders are working on their own platforms, giving out remarks, making promises and finding out flaws in the rival parties. News channels are also doing their bit by highlighting the promises and remarks by all three possible CM Candidates by … [Read more...]