Everything You Wanted To Know About CEO Andhra

The office of Andhra’s Chief Electoral Officer handles all the various election related activities within the state of Andhra Pradesh. It works directly under the watchful eyes of the Election Commission of India. The CEO Andhra also looks over the conduct of bye-elections as well as general elections in the state. The state has 4 regions with huge 66,964 polling booths and 294 constituencies. In addition to this, it is also involved in various activities like implementing election code of … [Read more...]

How to Register in the Voters’ List if I live in a Hostel/mess and Have the Address of my Native Place on my Voter ID Card?

Students are an essential part of the voter force. They have tremendous zeal, enthusiasm and a perfect mindset for choosing the perfect leaders to govern them. A Voter ID Card is an essential document for students to be able to cast their votes from their native place. There could be situations where a student has to move to another state or a constituency for studies at a better university or college. In these situations one has to generally live in a hostel or a mess. Being far away from … [Read more...]