Election ID Card – Why Should You Have it?

The most basic question that should come to mind when talking about Election ID card ... Every five years, the Election Commission of India organizes general elections where election ID card is an important entity. There are also state assembly elections that pertain to each state, municipal corporation elections in each state and panchayat elections as well that involves elections of the “Gram Panchayats”. Each citizen who attains 18 years of age can vote in India. A voters list or … [Read more...]

How to Apply for Voter Card?

All Indian citizens, who are above 18 years of age and are resident of the place where the polls are being held, are eligible to vote. Hence all of them should apply for voter card. However, cross-voting or bogus voting often defeat the whole purpose of the election process. Many years back, Chief Election Commission (CEC) decided to introduce a kind of a photo-identity card for each of the voters so that the voter can vote rightfully in their own constituency. How to Apply for Voter Card or … [Read more...]