How to Check VoterID Status or Modify the Identity Card from Mobile Phone?

It is a reality that many people will not take the hassle of visiting the Election Registration Officer (ERO) to apply for their voterID, check the status, or inquire if their names have been uploaded in the voter list. Most however, can use a mobile phone instead as it is one of the convenient gadgets used while traveling.

A bulk of the population today is travelling most of the time during the day. Checking voter ID status using a mobile phone can be convenient to them.

Is it Possible to Check Voter Card Application Status?

Yes, it is possible to simply use your phone handset, send an SMS and find out the status of your voterID application. Here is how it is done:

  • Type in the following text in your mobile: EPIC <Space>VoterID Application Number
  • Send the text to 9211728082

In fact, you can use the same method to find out if your name has been enlisted in the voter list.

Importance of VoterID Update

If you have got a voter card, but that needs to be updated, you must ensure that the card is updated. An updated card will ensure that your name is enlisted in the electoral roll. This in turn will allow you to vote during General Elections or elections to State Assemblies, Gram Panchayat, and Municipal Corporation.

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All eligible citizen of India can vote provided they have a valid election ID card. In 1989, the Election Commission of India (ECI) made this card mandatory for voters to cast their vote during the polls. In subsequent years, photos became a key feature in the voterID. So, today, the voter cards are also known as Election Photo Identity Cards (EPIC).

Make sure you have a true update of the voterID regarding…

  • Correct spelling of your name
  • Correct and complete address
  • Updated photo of yourself

So, in case you have got transferred from your present address or staying abroad for a longer time, you should consider updating your voter card. Many passport holders travel abroad to study or work for few years a foreign country. There are many who are NRIs as well and have been staying for decades abroad. Even for these voters, it is essential to get an updated voterID. You must provide correct addresses – address referred in the passport and the one which you are staying abroad.

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Is it Possible to Modify an Existing Voter Card using Phone?

Yes, it is now possible to change minor errors in the voter card by simply texting the correct option to the election office using your mobile handset. You don’t have to fill in the forms entirely and submit the documents. This saves the hassle of doing the paperwork and submitting applications afresh.
Some tasks which you can do via a mobile phone are:

  • Changing photos
  • Correcting typo errors
  • Correct names in the election card
  • Correct address

How is the Modification Done?

In case you want to send corrected name or address, you must SMS the following text – CORR <space> ‘Assembly segment number’ <space> ‘Corrected name or address’. Make sure this text reaches the 9211728082 number.
In case you want to inform about an error in a photograph, you must SMS the following text – ‘PHOTO’ <space> ‘Assembly segment number’ <space> ‘Corrected name or address’. Make sure this text reaches the 9211728082 number.

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What Happens after the SMS is Send?

The CEO and ERO will work on the SMS content and update the voterID. The electoral roll will also be summarily updated soon after the change is reflected in the identity card. You are saved from the hassle of depositing all the proof of documents and submitting the Form 8.

When to Use Form 8?

In case you have completely changed your address or your surname, you need to apply through Form8. In case a woman changes her surname and residential address, Form 8 needs to be furnished along with the copy of marriage certificate, age proof document, and address proof document. The copy of the voterID of her husband must also be filed along with it. You can then use a valid identity card in the future.

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  1. Dear sir i applied voter id for correction purpose this is my ref no F8-1275602.but still now not done this job andhara ceo.what i am doing.i must need this proof for passport purpose.so hence i requested to u please tell the way.

  2. I have my voter id card and my name is been cut down in voter list.
    When i went to cast my vote it should (nilopit) on my photo in voting list.

    What should i do so that next time i could cast my vote?

  3. self and wife vuppalapati chandini submitted applications online sometime back nos.06187123 and06187134. nothing is heard till now what to do? vr naidu

  4. pls tell me the status of voters id or pls tell me the process of how to check the status of voter id

  5. My voter id card number is ZDR0755587 and my wife card number is ZDR0755892 and our address is H. No. 30-662/12, Chandragiri colony, Nalanda school Area, Malkajigiri, Rangareddy would like to know whether our name is in the list to cast our vote in this election

  6. Hi
    I have applied for new voter id on Feb 2014.
    I didnt get any update about my voter id

    Kindly to the needful.

  7. We, Prof. Kunuthur Srinivasa Reddy and Prof. Kasireddy Chandralekha, the Senior Citizens of Tirupati Urban, Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh have been issued on 21/03/2013 and 11/04/2009 respectively voter identification cards bearing numbers MZT5377932 and AYM0855833 by the Election Commission of India. Whereas, our residential address and dates of birth have been wrongly printed on the cards which requires correction. The correct dates of birth are: 20.06.1946 and 05.07.1944 whereas wrong entries made are: xx/xx/1956 and xx/xx/1945 respectively. Similarly, though the door number is correctly mentioned as 6-1-224, the other particulars of the addresses are wrongly mentioned as TTD Quarters, Thirupathi (Urban), Chittoor. Whereas, the correct address common to both is: 6-1-224, Sri Sadan, 3rd Cross, Varadarajanagar, K. T.Road, Tirupati-517507, Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh. I request that correct entries may please be made in our voter identification cards and fresh voter identification cards issued at an early date to enable us to exercise our franchise to vote in General Elections 2014 for Assembly and Parliamentary constituencies as a matter of duty, responsibility and pride of participation in nation building process.

  8. I had applied for new registration of my daughter niharika prasad. application id is ECIS240552014 form 611438 pl tell me the status

  9. I have not received my Voter ID Card till the date. I have a regular followup with Election dept. in Collectorate, Nashik.
    Myself, wife & children having the name in voter list, but we have not received our Voter ID Card till the dame.

    Kindly advise me, how to get the Voter ID Card ?

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