Arvind Kejriwal and the Nomination March

The campaigning by AAP, Congress and BJP, is in its full swing in Delhi. As the Delhi Assembly elections 2015 are approaching closer, all these parties are increasing the rallies, radio messages, newspaper advertisements and press conferences. If you are living in Delhi then you must be hearing election jingles and audio messages from political parties, more than the songs playing on the radio. The streets are full of tableaux and processions carried out by different political parties’ workers.

The TV News channels are also full of news about the different quotes, misquotes, resignations and new joinings with different parties. The Election is also slowly turning into a personality face-off between Kiran Bedi(Official BJP CM candidate) and Arvind Kejriwal(Official AAP CM Candidate). Ajay Maken leading the charge of campaigning for the Congress party and trying to help the party regain its electorate. So, what is new in the political campaigning arena for the Delhi Assembly Elections 2015? Let us have a look.

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Arvind kejriwal Aam Aadmi Party(aap) nomination march
A glimpse from the AAP Nomination March for Arvind Kejriwal


Nomination March with Arvind Kejriwal

In a bid to demonstrate their popularity among the people of Delhi, the Aam Aadmi Party(on 20th January) organized a nomination march with Arvind Kejriwal as he proceeded to file his nomination papers for contesting from the New Delhi constituency. The march started from the Valmiki Temple temple and came to a halt at the famous landmark, Jantar Mantar. AAP supporters were invited to join the march which turned into a campaigning road show by Mr. Kejriwal. The supporters joined the march in large numbers but ironically, the huge number of voters blocked roadways leading to delay in the filing of nomination. Hence, now the nomination of papers would by filed on Wednesday which happens to be the last day for filing nominations. Nevertheless, the turnout at the nomination march was staggering.

Controversies Around Arvind Kejriwal

Even though the Nomination March turned out to be a success, Arvind Kejriwal is not able to keep away from the controversies attracting towards him. Recently, he was sent a ‘Show Cause Notice’ by the Election Commission of India because of his remarks instigating people to accept bribes from ‘other’ parties but vote for AAP instead. Whether this remark taken misquoted or not? This in itself is a topic of another debate. Nevertheless, the ECI has completed its duty of monitoring sensitive remarks by the campaigners during the Elections.

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Kiran Bedi- The Official CM Candidate for BJP

Things in BJP are also up to an interesting turn of events. A few days ago Kiran Bedi joined the party. However, it was not clear whether she would be named the CM candidate for BJP. This speculation came true on 20th January 2015 when Mrs. Kiran Bedi was officially announced the  CM candidate face for the party in question. This announcement has indeed made the things clearer for the people of Delhi who now face the task of choosing the right political party to govern their National Capital Territory.

When are the Delhi Assembly Election 2015 Results Announced?

Voting for the Delhi Assembly Election 2015 takes place on 7th Feb 2015 whereas the counting of votes would take place on 10th of February 2015. That means, within around 20 days from now, Delhi would finally get a Government of its choice(if the verdict is clear). Who would you vote for? Leave a comment below or write to us at [email protected]

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Image: – AAP FaceBook Page


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