Everything You Must Know About A Voter ID Card

What Is Voter ID Card?

The voter ID card is a document that is issued by the election commission of India to Indian voters. It is also called as Elector’s Photo Identity Card or EPIC. This card is more than just an official voting document. The benefits that the card has for its owners are multiple.

The card offers poor and illiterate voters a chance to exercise their constitutional right. Besides it also serves as a proof of the voter being a bonafide Indian citizen and not some illegal immigrant.

Voter I Card everything you must know about it

Being a photo document, there is no scope for someone else to vote in place of the actual holder of the card. Now days the Voter ID Card is also required while travelling or even while doing financial transactions.

The voter ID card number is an alphanumeric number. It is imprinted on the top at the front. This number is a mixture of 3/4 alphabets and 7/8 digits.

AP Voter ID

andhra voter id Everything About Voter I Card You Must Know

The election commission of AP is one of the leading state election bodies in India.  It controls all the activities related to all types of elections that are conducted in AP.

The official website of CEO AP allows the Andhra Pradesh people to register as voters directly on the website. To reach out to a larger base of prospective voters, the state election commission AP has tied up with universities and e-seva centres throughout the state. Not only that, the site also allows those who have applied for AP Voter ID Card to check voter id application status online.

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The voters can also check the status using their smartphones thanks to the mobile application that has been developed by ceo ap. All that the Andhra voters have to do is send an SMS on 9246280027, and they will be informed about their status.

The application status can also be tracked online using either house number or name. You can go the link here.

The Voter ID holders in AP who are not keen on going on the website can call up on the helpline number 1950 to know the same.

Voter I Card

The Voter I Card is one of the major identity documents for a voter in India. As the card is issued by election commission India, it carries a lot of weight and value that goes beyond just elections.

People who are keen to have a Voter I card of their own can head straight to the official website of their state election commission. There they can directly register for voter card online for the card by filling up a form called Form 6.

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Earlier these cards were issued on paper by the election commission India. The card had plastic lamination to protect it from damage. But it did not prove much beneficial. Thankfully the commission has decided to change the situation.

The Indian voters can now say hello to PVC Voter I Cards. These cards are much better than the previous ones. They are much more resistant to damages. They are fire resistant, made of tough material are also environmental friendly. These features make them very apt for being used as a voter I card.

Want to swap your old paper made voter I card with the one made with PVC? You have to surrender your old card and get the new one by simply paying a nominal fee of 25 rupees.

The process of applying for voter I card is same as the regular voting card. People who have filled up the application form can also check the status of voter I card verification by simply calling the helpline number started by the Indian elections commission. They can call on either 1950 or 23918888.

If you already have an I card for voting and want to update the details then they can simply fill in a voter I card form 8.

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Indian Voter ID

One document that has gained a lot of importance recently is the Indian Voter ID card. And it is very easy to understand and see why it is so. This ID card for Indian voter gives a legitimate identity to its owner.

Besides, the card also gives the voters a powerful weapon in their hands. It also serves as a unique identity card which can be at various places like banks, insurance companies, travelling and sometimes even buying.

Those residents of India who do not have Indian Voter ID card must enroll themselves at the earliest to gain benefits of the card. With the Indian general elections 2014 just round the corner, the owners of this card have a very good chance to contribute to positive change in the country.

The results of the recent Delhi Assembly Elections showed the real power of people’s vote. Those who want to register Voter ID card online can do so by filling up the required form on the official website of their respective election commission.

They can also keep a track of the voter id either online or offline by using mobile phone.


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