Voting guide for first time voters

There are very few things that can match the excitement of voting for the first time in life. It is one of the most powerful rights given to us by the constitution. At the same time it can also be really intimidating. It is quite natural to get intimidated as well. But don’t worry we are going to help you. This article will show you what things you need to do before you actually reach a polling booth so that you can confidently vote even if it is for the first time. So are you ready? Ok … [Read more...]

Top Indian politicians to follow on social media

Indian politicians have never been known for being much savvy; barring a handful whom you can count on your fingertips. They have always been late to adapt to changes happening around them. Especially when it comes to being tech savvy, many are still unwilling to adopt it. With the advent of social media, they can no longer ignore the temptation to reach out to more people than ever before. These politicos have now understood the importance of social media and are leveraging their base of … [Read more...]

Social media could possibly decide the winner of elections 2014

There is no doubt that social media has come to play an important role in today’s time. It has gained a tremendous amount of following. Whether it is a public event or a private occasion, people take recourse to social media every now and then. Why social media A study conducted in US by a certain Indiana based university clearly showed the connection between social media and its impact on elections performance of the contesting candidates. Even the recent election that happened in various … [Read more...]

NOTA- Being choosy has never been so good.

Continuing our series on NOTA, we present to you another article which further explores it. Story until now Elections are an integral part of a democratic society. Every vote counts. It is the channel for citizens to express their wish and will. Sadly though, very few turn up to vote. Those who turn up most of the time end up being on the receiving end of some really bad choice of candidates. They are left with no choice other than to choose the least evil of them. This in turn resulted in the … [Read more...]

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