EVM to now have Candidates’ Photos!

Electronic voting machines , also called EVM are used in the Indian General and State Elections for the electronic voting. The EVMs reduce time in the casting a vote and in the declaring of results compared to the old paper ballot. EVM to now have candidates' photos From now on, Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) will have the candidates' photo along with the name. This will make the poll voting easier for the old and the illiterate voters. Photos on EVM's can help the voters in selecting a … [Read more...]

What is NOTA? How can one cast a NOTA Vote?

This Article discusses an important right that is provided to you by Election Commission of India by the permission from the Supreme Court of India. This important right is known as NOTA vote, abbreviated as “None of the Above” vote. NOTA Vote: The idea of a “None of the above” option was first originated in 1976 when the Isla Vista Municipal Advisory Council passed a resolution to put forward this choice in the official electoral ballot, in County of Santa Barbara, California, in the USA. … [Read more...]

My First Experience with the Electronic Voting Machine

Every year, a lot of young adults enter the world of Democracy in an active state. This means that millions in India become eligible for voting in the Elections, adding to the force of new voters. It is a big deal to turn 18, not because you cross a certain age to be called adults but also because you now become an even more active part of the society. You get to vote and also receive a voter id card which acts as a passport for your entry to the polling station, a place where you would … [Read more...]

Electronic Voting Machines to Ensure Free-n-Fair Elections in WB

The elections for the Lok Sabha will be a historic one as India is one of the largest democratic countries, which is all set to executive the democratic right – to vote. The voting is scheduled in April and May in 9 phases to ensure it is manageable and that polls are also free and fair. Electronic Voting Machines The electronic voting machines for elections were used years back in the past elections. The pros of electronic voting machines are many, such as: It saves the voter from … [Read more...]

I Don’t Like the Candidates put up for my Constituency, Would There be an option of NOTA on my Voting Machine?

You are a legitimate voter if:- 1)  You have filled all the required election card forms for the Election Identity Card through Online or offline means. 2) Registered yourself into the voter list of your constituency. 3) Submitted all the required documents and got through the voter id verification by the Booth level officer. 4) Remained patient in order to let the concerned authorities assess your application. 5) Finally received your Election Card and checked your name in the electoral … [Read more...]

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