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Uttarakhand ,formerly Uttaranchal, is a state in the northern part of India. It is often referred to as the Devbhumi (literally “Land of the Gods”) due to the many Hindu temples and pilgrimage centres found throughout the state. Uttarakhand is known for its natural beauty of the Himalayas, the Bhabhar and the Terai. On 9 November 2000, this 27th state of the Republic of India was created from the Himalayan and adjoining northwestern districts of Uttar Pradesh. It borders the Tibet Autonomous Region, China on the north; Nepal on the east; and the Indian states of Uttar Pradesh to the south and Himachal Pradesh to the northwest. The state is divided into two divisions, Garhwal and Kumaon, with a total of 13 districts. The interim capital of Uttarakhand is Dehradun, the largest city in the region. The High Court of the state is in Nainital.

CEO Uttarakhand Contact Info and Useful Details:

CEO Uttarakhand Contact Details

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Uttarakhand contributes to 5 seats in Lok Sabha. In 2014 Lok Sabha Elections, BJP got all 5 seats. The subject matter of Health of the People of Uttarakhand is not being given the importance it deserves. The people in the hills are very poor and it is very difficult for them to afford the modern health care facilities.  Hopefully the new government will take care of it.

Some Facts about Uttarakhand:

  • Uttarakhand is home to ” Yoga capital of the world“,  Rishikesh. Even The Beatles (world renowned music group) stayed and composed songs there, many of which appear on the White Album.  Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was their guru there – his claim to fame is introduction of the Transcendental Meditation technique.
  • The Himalayan monal, which also happens to be the national bird of Nepal, is the state bird of Uttarakhand  (and Himachal Pradesh) . The scientific name commemorates Lady Mary Impey, the wife of the British chief justice of Bengal Sir Elijah Impey.
  • The only state in India with Sanskrit as one of its official languages.
  • The Naini Lake is one of the 64 Shakti Peeths, or religious sites where parts of the charred body of Sati (Devi Parvati) fell on earth while being carried by Lord Shiva. The spot where Sati’s eyes (or Nain) fell, came to be called Nain-tal or lake of the eye.
  • Badrinath temple is the most important of the four sites in India’s Char Dham pilgrimage. However , unlike other Hindu temples , conch blowing is prohibited here. According to a famous legend , when the great sage Agastya was killing the demons in Kedarnath, two demons Vatapi and Atapi managed to run away. While demon Atapi took shelter in the Mandakani River, demon Vatapi took refuge in the conch to save his life. It is supposed that if anyone blows the Conch, the Vatapi demon would come out of the conch.
  • Ruskin Bond, famous for writing mystery and horror stories, lives in Mussoorie. Infact , most of his works are influenced by life in the hill stations at the foothills of the Himalayas, where he spent his childhood.

CEO Uttarakhand – A part of the Election Commission of India

Before talking about CEO Uttarakhand, It’s better to know about Election Commission of India the body responsible for conducting fair and smooth elections in India.

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India is a Socialist, Secular, Democratic Republic and the largest democracy in the World. The modern Indian nation state came into existence on 15th of August 1947. Since then free and fair elections have been held at regular intervals as per the principles enshrined in the Constitution, Electoral Laws and System.

The Constitution of India has vested in the Election Commission of India the superintendence, direction and control of the entire process for conduct of elections to Parliament and Legislature of every State and to the offices of President and Vice-President of India.

Election Commission of India is a permanent Constitutional Body. The Election Commission was established in accordance with the Constitution on 25th January 1950. The Commission celebrated its Golden Jubilee in 2001.

The Commission has a separate Secretariat at New Delhi, consisting of about 300 officials, in a hierarchical set up.

The Election Commission of India is one of the only independent bodies in India not under the direct control of the government. It was done to ensure that the ruling party cannot affect it’s working and it can work smoothly without any external interruptions.

Work at CEO Uttarakhand

A Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) functions under the supervision, control and overall guidance of the Election Commission of India. According to the Representation of the People’s Act 1950 and 1951, each state of India must be assisted with a Chief Electoral Officer during the State Assembly elections as well as the general elections. According to provisions of the above-mentioned acts, the CEO Uttarakhand has a significant role to play during the elections to the office of the President and the Vice-President of India. The CEO supervises the preparation, revision and maintenance of the electoral rolls in the state. It is the duty of the Chief Electoral Officer to ensure free and fair elections in the state, such that more percentage of votes are cast. It is the responsibility of the CEO to enhance communication between the voters of a state and the different departments of elections within the state. Most importantly, it is the task of the CEO to ensure that no political party has any control with the elections in the state.

ceo uttarakhand website

CEO Uttarakhand reaches out to the people of the state to ensure better services in terms of Electoral Rolls, issuing valid Electors’ Photo Identity Cards (EPIC), ensuring thorough verification, scrutinization and correction of the EPIC cards and list of electoral rolls (spelling mistakes, mistakes in D.O.B etc.), digitizing maps to indicate areas of the polling stations and their respective distances, providing sufficient man power and material resources on the day of the elections and enforcing a model code of conduct to be followed by all voters. The CEO Uttarakhand must also look into the financial managements during an election. The maintenance of law and order during the polling day depends largely on the Chief Electoral Officer.


CEO Uttarakhand : Contact info

The current Chief Electoral Officer of Uttarakhand is Smt. Radha Raturi. She was born on March 6th 1964. She is a 1988 batch Indian Administrative Service officer from Uttaranchal cadre. Her academic records are quite impressive as she is a Graduate in History and a Post Graduate in Personnel Management. Smt Radha Raturi is married to Shri Anil K. Raturi who is an IPS officer.

Office Address of Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) Uttarakhand

Radha Raturi

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Address :-Govt.Of Uttarakhand,Room No.- 4, Subhash Road, North Block, Secretariat- 4, Dehradun, ( Uttarkhand) -248001
Phone : –0135-2713551 , 0135- 2713552
Mob No. : –9412055880
Fax : –0135- 2713724
E-Mail : –[email protected]

At the time of elections near  the polling area, some people start bribing you in monetary terms, liquor or fake promises so that you might vote for their party. Never get involved in such immoral activities. Moreover, there might be some thugs creating violence in the polling area to disturb the peaceful voting process. In all such cases, you should go and file a complaint with the complaint cell established by the Chief Electoral Officer or contact the Helpline and convey your grievances.
If the campaign of the political parties exceeds the time, usually allotted for campaigning before elections, even in such cases you can contact your State Chief Electoral Officer and give a complaint.

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CEO Uttarakhand Forms

FORM 4  Application For New Registration of Electors at the time of Enumeration (house to house verification) when enumerator  finds the house repeatedly locked.

FORM 6 Application for inclusion of name in electoral roll after draft publication of draft roll (if your name is not included in the draft role).

FORM 7 Application for objection to inclusion of name in electoral roll.

FORM 8 Application for correction of particulars entered in electoral roll.

Getting a CEO Uttarakhand voter ID card

Voter ID card isn’t a mere piece of cardboard which provides you with the power to cast a vote but also an identity proof that you are a citizen of India. It is a symbol of democracy and republicanism which we cherish in our beautiful nation. It provides you your identity, who you are, where you belong to and gives you the ability to decide the nation’s future. Nowadays, it’s pretty easy to register for a new voter ID card. You can do it either manually or online. Election Commission(EC) ensures that the process of making new Voter ID cards is as simple as possible to encourage more and more people to register for it. EC organizes National Voters Enrolment Drive every year so that people can register to get a new voter ID card. However, if you have missed that don’t worry. There are still many ways to apply for it. You can download the Form 6 and 001 from the CEO Chhattisgarh website or you can get these forms from your nearest VREC.


1. Open the CEO Uttarakhand website www.ceo.uk.gov.in and click on “DOWNLOAD FORM” option on the right upper corner of the website.

2. Chose whether you need to fill the form in Hindi or in English. Form 6 is now opened. Download the form.

3. Stick your photograph of size 3.5 cm x 3.5 cm.

4.  Enter the Applicant’s details such as Name, Surname in block letters and age as on 1st January.

5. Give the Date of Birth in years and months.

6. Under the place of birth, you are asked to provide the Village/Town, District and State where you were born.

7. You should also write down your father’s/Mother’s/Husband’s Name and Surname.

8. House/ Door No, Street/Area/Locality/Mohalla/Road, Town / Village, Post Office, Tehsil/Taluka/Mandal/Thana , District and Pincode are asked under the particulars of the ordinary residence.

9. If the applicants’ relation’s names are already present in the Electoral Roll, then give their name, relation type, serial number and part number of the constituency and finally their EPIC  (Elector’s photo Identity Card)card number.

10. Complete the declaration appropriately. If your name has already been included in the Electoral Roll, then type the Assembly Constituency and the State, where it was first provided.

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11. Enter the address, Elector’s Photo Identity Card Number and the Date of issue of the card.

12. It is necessary to sign or put a thumb impression of the applicant on the form,place and date.

13. It is optional to enter the Mobile number/E-mail and Aadhaar number if issued.

14. After filling the form, submit the form to the Email Address provided on the website.

15. Later you can furnish your Age Proof and Address Proof documents to the Electoral Registration Officer (ERO) personally.


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You can also get the Form 6 directly from your ERO. Just take the form, fill it according to the instructions given above and submit it. Remember to paste a good and self attested picture in the form because a bad picture in your Voter ID card can haunt you for a long time.

Click here to know BLO/AERO area wise.

booth level officer

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After completing the process of registration either online/offline an officer from the Electoral Office will come to your residence to check if all the information given by you is correct. For that you have to be physically present with required documents at the time of verification from door to door by the officer. After the verification process is complete, the officer would provide you with a particular date on which you will have to reach the given centre and collect your Electoral Card. Since it is a long term process it will take at least 2 months time for your card to be issued but you will not face any problem in collecting it.


Getting a CEO Chhattisgarh Duplicate Voter ID card

If by chance you have misplaced or lost your voter ID card don’t panic you can get a duplicate one. First of all, you need to file a FIR with the local police authorities and keep the receipt safely.

Then visit the nearest VREC or CEO Chhattisgarh website and download Form No. 002. Fill in the appropriate details and attach self attested copies of ID and residence proofs along with passport size photo. Don’t forget to attach the copy of FIR with your application.

Submit the above documents personally or just send them directly to ERO through Speed Post. You will be give the receipt and later you can collect your duplicate card from VREC.


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Checking name in the electoral roll

It takes around 40-60 days to get our names registered in the electoral roll. Till then , there is an unexplainable jittery feeling in our stomachs that we can’t shake off. We can check the electoral rolls and see if our names has been included in it by following the given simple steps:

  • Open the CEO Uttarakhand website and Click on the “Voter Search” option.
  • It directs you to another website where it asks you if you want to search your name district wise or assembly constituency wise.
  • Then you can check your application status through your name or your EPIC no.

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searching name in the electoral list ceo uttarakhand

You can also directly download the complete electoral roll from “ELECTORAL ROLL” option on the website and search the name manually or You can also visit the nearest VREC and request a copy of electoral roll and search your name in it.


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