Check Voter ID Status Chennai – All Methods Explained

Every citizen of the India above the age of 18 years have a right to vote in the elections. To practice this right everyone should have a valid voter ID card. Chief Electoral Officer has initiated various online services which include services like applying for the voter id card asl well as the provision to Check Voter ID Card Status. This article focuses on the upcoming Tamil Nadu elections. Here we will explain all the methods to Check Voter ID Status Chennai.

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Methods To Check Voter ID Status Chennai:

There are two ways you can Check Voter ID Status Chennai online one is by Mobile number and the other one by Application number. Both the methods are explained in simple steps.

Check Voter ID Status Chennai – Online Mode:


Method – 1: Check Voter ID Status By Mobile Number

While you were applying for the voter ID card (either by offline or online mode), you must have filled your mobile number. You can Check Voter ID Status Chennai using the same registered mobile number.

  1. Go to the official website of Chief Electoral Officer, Tamil Nadu. Click Here
  2. You Click on ‘Electoral Services‘ Tab on the web page.
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3. Click on ‘Application Tracking


4.  On Application Tracking page you will find two options, Click on ‘ Track by Mobile Number‘ and enter your registered mobile number.


5. Click on ‘Track Status‘.

6. Your Voter ID Status Chennai will be displayed.

Method – 2 Check Voter ID Card Status by Application ID

In case, your have not filled in your mobile number while registering for the voter ID card or your registered mobile number is no longer operative, then you can also track your Voter ID Card Status by  entering your Application ID which you received while registering for the Voter ID Card. Following are the steps you can follow to track your voter ID application by your application ID number:

  1. Click Here for Official website of the Chief Electoral Officer, Tamil Nadu.
  2. Repeat steps 2 and 3 as mentioned in above procedure.
  3. On ‘Application Tracking Webpage click on ‘Track by Application ID’.voter-id-status-application-id
  4. Enter your Application ID that you received while you were registering for the voter ID.
  5. Click on ‘Track Status’.
  6. Your Voter ID Card Status will be displayed.
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Above mentioned steps are easiest of all to Check Voter ID status Chennai online. Apart from that, there are various ways to check your status offline. Following are the ways by which you can Check Voter Id Status Chennai Offline.

Voter ID Status Chennai – Offline Mode:

There are 3 ways to Check your Voter ID Card Status in Chennai Offline – Personally Visiting the Office, Over Toll-Free Number and SMS. Let’s have a look at the options in detail.


Method 1: Physically Visiting the Nearest Election Office of your Area:

To see the status of your Voter ID card status offline you need to contact to nearby Election Commission Office or Nearby E-Seva and they will provide you with the Voter ID Status Chennai by asking you your registration number and mobile number.

Method 2. Voter ID Status Chennai – Through Helpline Numbers


You can also know the Voter ID Status Chennai by contacting the customer care of their respective State Election Commission, and know the Voter ID Status. On the official website of Chief Electoral Officer, Tamil Nadu (http://www.elections.tn.gov.in/), click on Contact us and scroll down for toll-free numbers. Call that numbers and you may be asked to provide the application number or tracking ID. Provide the necessary details and you can know the Voter ID Card Status.

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Method 3. Voter ID Status Chennai – Through SMS

This is the easiest way to know Voter ID Card Status. All that need is to send an SMS to a number and you will know the status through SMS.

  • Simply type EPIC <space> Your Voter ID Application Number
  • Send it to the number 9211728082

Follow any one of the above methods to know your Voter ID Status Chennai.

Hope this article was helpful enough. For any other information visit our website VoterIDCard.org.in. You can also leave your queries in the comment section below.

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  1. I was applied Voter to my son he was completed 18 years applied on 7/3/2016 still i will get voter ID what about my voter ID status please inform me. EPIC NO. A15 -6766773

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