Can I Vote Without Voter ID Card?

Most of us are of the belief that Voter ID Card is mandatory to exercise the Indian Adult Franchise at the time of an election. This is not true completely, for, a citizen Can Vote Without Voter ID Card.

When elections are fast approaching, panic grips the minds of several residents who have not yet obtained their elector’s photo identity cards (EPIC) to vote. They will be seen running from pillar to post in order to obtain them from the administration. The Election Commission has come up with a solution that acts as a relief to such people.

Here we will talk about  How a Person Can Vote Without Voter ID Card.

can i vote without voter id card - yes you can

You Can Vote Without Voter ID Card:

If the above question had been lingering in your mind so far, then the answer is “YES, you can vote even without Voter ID Card”.

But….. Provided you are a “registered voter”.

What does that mean? Well, if you have filled a Voter ID application Form 6 in the past and have been listed on a Voters’ List in your area, then you are a “registered voter”…. even if you haven’t received your Voter ID Card.


Though the Election Commission of India encourages the possession of Voter ID Card when casting your vote, however alternate means to help citizens cast their vote are also in place.

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Let’s first see how to check your name to find out if you are a “registered voter”

Check for Your Name in The Electoral Roll:

In the first place, a person wishing to cast his vote must check if the name is present in the electoral roll. The electoral roll is a list of registered voters maintained by each of the 543 constituencies across the country. Prior to going ahead to cast your vote, it is compulsory that your name is present on this list.

You can check this in the following two ways:

  • Firstly, log on to the website of the Chief Electoral Officer of your state. You can find the site by clicking here
  • Once there, simply select your state / UT from the list and proceed.

vote without voter id card

  • You can find a link to Electoral Search or Electoral Search Engine. By clicking on it, you will be directed to the corresponding page which gives option on How to search Voter List – Name wise or Voter ID Number wise.
    • In case you do not have your card, you can select the “Name wise” Option.
  • Enter the data correctly. Once you submit this form, if your name is present on the list, you will be getting all details along with voter ID number.
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If you have been a registered voter, you name and other details will appear – So you are basically, eligible to vote.

Vote without Voter ID Card with Alternate ID Proof:

The Election Commission authorizes the use of alternate proof documents for those people whose names are present in the voters list but do not possess an electoral photo identity card (EPIC). They can vote in the election if they present any one of the following photo identity card:

  • Passport
  • Driving licence
  • Service identity cards with photograph issued by central and state governments, PSUs, public limited companies
  • Bank or post office passbooks with photograph
  • PAN card
  • Aadhaar card
  • Smart card issued under NPR
  • MNREGS job card
  • Health insurance smart card
  • Pension document or
  • Authenticated photo voter slip issued by the election machinery.

Photo Voter ID Slip:

As per the directions of the EC, a voter’s slip would be issued to every registered member of the electorate a few days before the polls.


If any elector who has been issued EPIC fails to produce his/her EPIC or the authenticated photo voter slip, then such an elector can collect a duplicate photo voter slip from an officer positioned outside the polling station (with additional copy of authenticated photo voter slips of all electors) for this purpose.

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It is now clear that the Right to Secret Ballot can be accessed by every eligible Indian citizen in spite of the absence of EPIC. People may no longer get tensed at the mere thought of not having a voter id. It is just one of the many documents that can be used as proof in allowing a citizen to cast his vote.

Click here to read more about how to Download Voter ID Photo Voter ID Slip.

This is a great initiative from EC in making the voters exercise their Right to Vote. Each and every one of us have a crucial role in choosing the right Government. Casting your vote marks one of the true forms of democracy and can make a huge difference for the future of the nation.

We hope this article clarifies the doubt if a person can vote without voter id card and was helpful. Please check the website for many such useful resources.

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