How To Get Voter ID Card in West Bengal

In addition to being one of the most popular literary destinations of India, West Bengal is also home to a huge population. And with the general elections 2014 not too far off, the rush for securing voter ID card is most certainly on. Considering how large the number of people the state has, it will certainly play a key role in affecting the chances of party to form government not only at state but also at the centre. And it all starts with one basic step and that is getting an ID card … [Read more...]

Election Commission India Forms That You Must Know

With the Indian General Elections 2014 just few months away, it is that time when Voter ID cards are in the spotlight. Some might already have their ID cards while others, like first time voters, might need to get a new one. Certain voters might even need to update their details on their cards. With so many forms to fill how does one know which is the one that you require? We give you an overview of all the important election forms that you must know about. Form 6: The form 6 is for … [Read more...]

A Comprehensive Step by Step guide about filling Voter Registration Form No. 6.

There are many instances when voters are discouraged to proceed and fill the Voter Registration Form No-6 because of a mere fact that it looks complicated and requires a lot of information to entered. Although this is not the case, although this Voter Registration Form which looks like a complicated piece of questionnaire at the first instance, is actually a simple one, that requires some basic personal information as an input along with a few prescribed identity proof documents required for … [Read more...]