Ballot e-Delivery to Remote Voters – Election Commission of India and IT Dept

In collaboration with the Election Commission of India, the IT department is working towards the development of an e-postal ballot system. The system will enable ballot electronic delivery. This will be highly beneficial for the remote voters. This option of electronic delivery of blank ballots to the voters will enable the overseas voters, voters on election duty and the like to exercise their power. The system has been proposed, considering the right of remote voters. E-delivery of Ballots … [Read more...]

Can You Vote Online or Send the Voting Slip by Post?

Today, the net has helped in completing many tasks which would have been impossible a few years back. For instance, voters in India can now apply for their voter cards online or find out if their names have been enlisted in the voter list by just accessing the net. In fact, a voter can register for a change in voter card or update errors in the election ID card by just logging in to the Election Commission of India website. In short, the net has become a powerful tool in conducting various … [Read more...]