Guide To Voter List 2014

Assembly elections 2014 is a month away and to promote free and fair elections the Election Commission of India came up with the concept of Voter ID Card. Every Resident is given a Voter ID Card which acts as an identity proof and can also be used for voting. But along with the Election Card, inclusion of your name in your state’s voter list is a must. What Is A Voters List? A voter’s list is a list compiled by the elections authorities of each area/constituency which consists of names of all … [Read more...]

How do Indian Citizens Apply for a Voter ID Card Online or Offline?

India is the largest democracy on this planet. Our elections are of utmost grandeur in terms of both the number of voters and the number of candidates contesting elections. So if you are one of the participants of the Indian elections as in one of the millions and millions of voters then it is quite possible that you have the very important identity document called the voter id card. If you plan to participate as voter in any of the Indian elections in 2014 and are not already a register … [Read more...]

How to Vote Without a Voter Card?

The title of this article may generate curiosity among those of you reading. But don't worry, we are not going to tell you any il-legitimate way of breaking into the polling station without a voter card and casting your vote. Here, in this article, we just present to you some well-existing facts and hence help you gain more knowledge about the voting process. Also, we tackle some myths like: - 'It is impossible to vote without a voter card.' Before we solve this query and bust the myth, we shall … [Read more...]

How to Check my Name in the Electoral Roll after Updating Election ID?

The Election Commission of India (ECI) is the constitutional head for all election related activities, such as supervising the polls, managing the electoral roll and voter cards. It directs the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) of each state to ensure voters get their ID cards and have their names listed in the electoral roll. CEO Website The CEO of a particular state has a dedicated website, which can be accessed from the main ECI website. In the CEO site, you can get a lot of information and … [Read more...]

Visit Voter Assistance Booths for all your Voter Card Solutions

The 2014 General Elections are to be held from April 07 to May 12 in 9 phases. However, eligible voters must not only have their voter card updated but also have their names listed in the voter list. There have been many issues regarding these two aspects as many voters need to change the address in the voter ID or update their names in the electoral roll of the constituency where they live. With hardly any time left for the entire country to go into polls, the voter assistance booth for … [Read more...]