Less Voter Card registration in Bihar electoral roll?

According to the draft electoral-rolls in Bihar, there are 3.39 crore males, 2.95 crore females and 1,914 third gender voter card registration in the state. Less Women Voter Card Registration The Bihar CEO has however pointed out that the gender ratio in the draft electoral rolls was quite low at 873 female voters for every 1,000 male voters. The Chief Electoral Officer Ajay Naik said that though the gender disparity in the electoral rolls is being bridged well, it is still less than the … [Read more...]

Is your name in Voter Card List ?

Checking your name in voter card list is very easy now through the internet. Separate election commission websites for each state are available from the respective State Governments and the Central Government. Any citizen can apply to add themselves to the voter card list and get a voter ID card, and they can very easily track their online application. You can go to the website of the Election Commission of your state and apply for your voter card online, check your voter card … [Read more...]

Voter Card Correction Made Easy!

The Indian voter card is issued by the Election Commission of India. The purpose is identity proof while casting votes during elections. The voter card is also called Electoral Photo ID Card (EPIC). At times these cards have some errors or mistakes and will require you to go through the voter card correction procedure. If you do not have a voter card yet, you can get one by following instructions on this link. If you have received a voter card with some mistakes or would like to make some … [Read more...]

Can you vote without voter card in India

Did it happened with you any once in a while or back in time that you just lost your voter card and couldn’t find it? Or you didn't receive your voter ID card in hand but have registered yourself in voters list before elections and so don’t have voter id card but still want to vote? Then read this article as this article deals with the ways to how you can Vote without having voter card in India. Sometimes it happens that you do not possesses your voter ID card in hand at the time of … [Read more...]

Why 33.62% of people with valid Voter ID could not vote this elections?

Why India never sees a 100 percent voter turnout even in biggest of it's elections? Why 33.62 percent of the people with voter ID, did not cast their votes during 2014 elections?  Not only this, the report also mentions that 66.38 percent is the highest voter turnout in Indian election history. Why people don't vote, when they are eligible to, by holding valid Voter ID cards?elect According to the India Today Report of 2014 general elections, voter turnout, which is the percent of population … [Read more...]