How to make Voter Card Correction to Voter ID Card?

As per the Election Commission of India official rules, the Indian citizens who are 18 years old on January 1st of the year for which the voter list and electoral roll is prepared are eligible to be registered as a voter to vote in the elections in the Constituency where he/she resides and have a voter ID card. To find information on how to apply for a new voter card if you do not already have one, click on this link. If you have received a voter card, but it has some mistakes or if you would … [Read more...]

Voter ID Card or any ID Proof Not Required for Tatkal Ticket Booking

In a move which can relieve millions of daily passengers, Indian Railways on 17th July, 2015 has decided to waive away the requirement of providing a photocopy of Valid ID Proof for Tatkal Ticket Reservation from either reservation counter or from Internet, w.e.f. 1st September, 2015. So if you thought of carrying Voter ID Card or any other Identity Proof for Tatkal ticket booking, then congratulations, the Indian Railways have gifted you the biggest relief of all time. (Wikipedia: Indian … [Read more...]

I have not received Voter card even after several months of applying?

The issue we are talking about is Non-Receipt of Election or Voter Card. It has now become a common problem with new voters who apply for a new voter card and even follow all the right process from applying to final submission, but still face a problem when it comes to receiving their card in hand. Usually a new voter card takes about 2-3 months to reach your hand after the date of application submission. But if no verification team has come to your house, you need to contact the ERO, … [Read more...]

Check your name in the Voter List!

We all know why a voter ID card is needed and what is its purpose. It is also important to note the various advantages of Voter ID Card. A voter ID card offers a number of advantages: It is a reliable form of identification. It serves as acknowledgement that the voter is duly registered in voter list. It may include several identifying features (e.g. photograph, signature, address etc) to provide greater assurance that the voter is who he or she claims to be. It can be designed to be … [Read more...]

Importance of Voter Registration Card

According to the Indian Constitution, you are a minor till you become 18. Once you’re 18, you become a major and with that age comes certain powers and yes responsibilities too. Like? The RIGHT TO VOTE! In any democracy that’s the highest power that any citizen can get once they attain majority. No one can take that away from you. Be it Lok Sabha elections, State Assembly elections, Municipal elections or Panchayat elections you need your Voter Registration card to exercise this right of … [Read more...]

Now get PAN card with Voter ID card!

A Permanent Account Number (PAN) is a ten-digit alphanumeric number, given in the form of a laminated card, by the Department of Income Tax, to any person who applies for the PAN card or to whom the Income Tax Department allots the PAN number without an application. Now PAN card can be obtained from Voter ID also. To know How to get a Voter ID Card, check this link.  Get PAN card by Voter ID: An Elector's Photo Identity Card (EPIC) card also know as voter ID card or an Aadhaar … [Read more...]