CEO West Bengal And Voter List 2014

West Bengal is very famous and very old State of India. This state was established after the independence of India in 1956. The Capital city of this state is Kolkata and Mamta Banerjee is the chief minister. Voter ID card plays very important role in our lives as it is our proof to be called “the citizen of India”. Lok sabha elections 2014 Lok Sabha Election is very important for the country because this will decide who will lead our country, our prime minister.  Lok Sabha Election in West … [Read more...]

Ekla Chalo Re, Walk Alone to Vote in West Bengal

The great Rabindra Nath Tagore wrote a song, the wordings of this iconic Bangla song were; "Jodi Tor Dak Shune Keu Na Ase Tobe Ekla Cholo Re." The translation being:- 'If no one responds to your call, just walk alone.' Showering patriotism, this song must have had enormous influence on the citizens under crisis and sorrow. The sorrow that came from oppression by the Colonial Rule. Written in 1905, being almost 110 years, one might question the relevance of this song in today's age. What is … [Read more...]

Is it possible to delete the name of a deceased Parent from the voter list in West Bengal?

Being in a democracy it is important to cast your vote and for that we need to add our names to the voter's list once we cross 18 years of age. WE KNOW IT. However it is equally important to delete the names of those deceased, who no longer will be voting. This is done to make sure that no ineligible or non existent voter's name is used to cast bogus votes by vested interests. You can delete the name of a parent who has recently passed away from the Voter list West Bengal, or for that matter any … [Read more...]