Voter Identity Card – How to Get it and What are its Uses?

The Voter Identity Card or more commonly known as the Voter ID Card is issued by the Election Commission of India; a body which is a part of the basic structure of the constitution and responsible for the fair and just administration of elections in the country. Voter Identity Card can be issued by citizens who are 18 years of age and above. The question that always surrounds Voter Identity Card is how do you get it? How to apply for it? And what are really the uses of a Voter ID Card? This … [Read more...]

Why Couldn’t I get my Voter Identity Card?

Any well educated or a well brought up Indian individual would know, how important it is to electorally participate in the society. One of the most fundamental ways in which a person could contribute to the well being of the society, is by electoral participation. By casting your vote, you keep up your opinion about how the governance for your nation should be. The voter identity card issued by the Election Commission of India is your companion in doing so. You can get it by applying online or … [Read more...]

How can you Apply for CEO Delhi Voter Identity Card?

India is one of the largest parliamentary democracies. The Republic of India consists of 29 states and 7 union territories. The Election Commission of India is a constitutional body which has total control over the election process as per Representative of People's Act 1951. The Election Commission of India is responsible for conducting free and fair elections. Indian Parliament consists of the President and two houses Lok Sabha or House of People Rajya Sabha or Council of … [Read more...]

How to Get Election Commission of India Identity Card?

Election Commission of India conducted the elections in a very different manner than they are conducted nowadays. To your surprise, the present day Voter Identity Card did not exist until the August of year 1993. In 1993 the ECI decided to issue Election Commission of India Identity Cards to improve the legitimacy and accuracy of the Photo Electoral Rolls or Voter Lists. This means that the Voter Cards were issued and presented in order to prevent fraudulent and forged voting cases. These … [Read more...]