How To Search Your Name in any Voter List in India?

The Lok Sabha Elections 2019 is coming. In order to take part in the voting, the voters need to have their names listed in the voter list so that they can cast the votes during the elections. Very often, people who had had their names listed in the voter list found that the names were missing when they went to the polling booth on the election day, that means that even after having a valid voter ID card, they were not able to vote on election day for their candidate. They go back to the homes … [Read more...]

How to Quickly and Correctly Apply for Voter ID Online?

A voter ID card is very important today as it helps to identify a person and certify his place of residence. Often, this identity card is needed to get loans, open an account, or apply for passports. Its basic job is however to ensure that the holder can cast his or her vote with ease in India. Elections are held regularly in this democratic country. National leaders as well as state leaders are selected by the people and voted to power. For General Elections, State Assembly elections, … [Read more...]