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Voter Card

The voter card is a mandatory document for those who want to vote in an election. The Indian election commission has made it binding to have a voter card upon anyone who intends to participate in elections and vote.

The card is beneficial for its owner in more than one ways. Voter card can be used as a authentic identity proof in various places and under various circumstances. Since the card is a government document, it also acts as genuine proof of Indian nationality of its holder.

Irrespective of whether a person is rich or poor, the card can be owned by legal Indian citizen who is atleast 18 years old or more.

Voter Card Application Form

If you want to register for a voter card then you will be required to fill form 6 which is the voter card application form. This form is specifically is only for those who will be applying for the first time for the card. If you are a non resident Indian who holds Indian citizenship will be required to fill form 6A.

application form voter id card

The form requires the applicant to provide all their details when they register for Voter ID Card online. These details include information such as name, address, age, family details. All these have to correct. In case any of the information in the voter card application form is found to be wrong, the application will be rejected along with lawful action against concerned applicant.

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The application form for voter card can be submitted online and offline. For submitting the form online, the applicant will have to visit the official online portal of this/her state election commission. For offline registration, the soon to be a voter can simply download the form from the official site. He/she will have to fill the form in their handwriting and submit it to the local election authority.

Besides the form, the applicant will also have to paste passport photograph and documents which will act as age proof, address proof, ID proof.

Voter Card Apply Online

In order to apply for voter card online, you will need to visit the webpage of your state election commission. Every election commission website has option of registering online. You can also apply for the card through the election commission website.

The form for applying for the voter card is form 6. The NRIs will have to fill form 6A. The online application process also requires the applicant to upload scanned copies of passport size photograph and those documents which will be used as documents of proof. Once the form is successfully submitted, a unique application ID/number is generated for the voter.

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Voter Card Verification

For the online application process to be completed a voter card verification process is done. For this a Block Level Officer (BLO) comes down to the place where the applicant is living. The officer personally confirms all the documents. The applicant has to sign in front of the BLO. Once the verification process of voter card is complete voter card is usually delivered in one month from day of the completion of the whole process.

Voter Card Status

The first time voters can check the status of their application once the application process is complete. The election commission of every state has offered some or the other way to find the voter card status.

voter id card status

The most common and popular way of finding voter card status is using the website of the state commission of election. These sites have a separate section where the status of voter card can be easily found. The voter has to simply use their application ID or the unique serial number (which they get during voter card application process).

In some cases, the election commission has also stared dedicated mobile service for voters to know the status of their voter card. One of the best examples of this is the Delhi election commission which has successfully implemented this method.

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Another way that the voters can find the status of their card is through the helpline number. States like UP have their own helpline which is aimed at helping voters with various voter card related issues including finding the status of voter card.

Voters List

It is the list which includes the name of all the people within an assembly who are eligible to vote. This list is created every assembly. The Electoral Registration Officer (ERO) prepares this list. This list is also called as Electoral roll.

Having a name in voters list is more than important than having a voter ID card. Your voter ID card will not help you to vote if your name is missing or not included in the list.

Applying for this list is easy. The prospective voter has to fill form 6 for your name to be included in the list. He/she can also update or change their own details which are present in the list. They can do so by filling in the suitable forms of election commission India.

This list of voters is published every year to accommodate entries that are new and those which have changed.

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