How to Correct Details on Your Voter ID from CEO Andhra Website?

The CEO Website in Andhra is a very well designed and user-friendly portal for the voters in Andhra Pradesh. From this website the voters can:-

1). Apply online for Voter ID Card in AP

2). Apply for objections to the voter lists

3).Get their voter id cards corrected

4). Transpose their voter id cards

5). Get comprehensive help regarding online form no. 6 on CEO Andhra website

6). Check voter id application status

7). Register as voters even if they are non-resident Indians(NRI Voter registration)

8). Search your name in the voter lists of any of the Andhra Pradesh constituencies

Therefore if you are concerned with any of the tasks mentioned in the above non-exhaustive list of possibilities on the CEO Andhra website then, www.ceoandhra.nic.in is just the right website for you as a voter in the same state. Apart from the tasks mentioned above, there are many more conveniences offered by this CEO website, that offer a smooth registration and electoral experience for the voters in Andhra. Therefore no matter if you want a new voter id, want to get a corrected one or just want to check the status of application, all these tasks are possible by visiting this website.

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how to check status and apply for corrected voter id card details from CEO Andhra website

How to get a Corrected Voter ID in Andhra?

Having an updated and a flaw-less voter id card is a very important prerequisite for the voters who intend to a cast a vote in the approaching elections on Andhra Pradesh. With a flaw-less voter id, we mean an election commission of India identity card with no mistakes on it. The voter details must be correct on your election card as well as in the voter list of your constituency so that the polling officer is convinced of your identity and lets you cast your vote by granting you an entry to the polling booth. Therefore even a slightest spelling mistake in your voter id details must be rectified. This could be done by filling the voter id details correction Form No. 8. You can apply for correcting your voter id in Andhra either by obtaining this form from the local ERO office then filling and submitting it in person at the same office, or it can also be done online. For the online method, you have to visit the CEO Andhra website i.e www.ceoandhra.nic.in

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After visiting the CEO Andhra site you can click on the Form 8(Correcting Your Card) option under E-Registration on the website homepage. Doing so, you would be taken to the online Form no. 8. On this form you have to do the following things:-

  • Select district and Assembly Constituency.
  • Upload a passport size photograph of the applicant.
  • Provide applicant details.(These details include your part number in the Voter list)
  • Particulars of present residence.
  • Details of the photo voter id card(if issued) in the same or any other constituency.

After submitting this application you may expect a visit from the BLO of your area(once your application is successful). He would validate your request for correction of Voter ID details by verifying your identity during his visit. If it has been a long time and you have not received a visit from any higher official, you can call the CEO Andhra helpline number ‘1950′. But before calling the helpline you must also check your voter id correction application status. The same could be searched on the CEO Andhra website itself by simply clicking the ‘Know Your Application Status‘ option under the same ‘E-Registration’ tab. On this status search page you can know your application status just by entering your unique application number that you must have received when you submitted the Online Voter ID Correcting Form No. 8 on the CEO Andhra website.

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If you face any problems while applying voter registration or voter id correction you can either call the mentioned helpline or contact your local BLO. Here is the link through which you can find the contact information of your area’s Booth Level Officer in Andhra Pradesh, by selecting your district and assembly constituency:- http://ceoaperms.ap.gov.in/BloDetails/SearchBLO.aspx

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