Check Your Name in the Voter List Delhi for Assembly Re-elections

Delhi, the national capital of India, is one of the most prosperous political hubs of India. It is the center of Indian politics too. From offices of leading national parties like Congress and BJP to the residence of primary leaders of political scene, mostly all the functioning of Indian politics is carried out from the Lutyen’s Delhi.

Last year Delhi held its assembly elections 2013 to choose its 7th chief minister. People went out in large numbers to vote for the apparent anti-incumbency of the ex-government. The verdict came out, the electorate went to no particular party in majority. One particular party surprised everyone. The Aam Aadmi Party(AAP) led by the IIT alumnus and former IRS officer Arvind Kejriwal gathered 28 seats in its debut year. BJP was the first largest party gathering 32 seats. Congress, the ruling party at that time, performed poorly at a meager 7 seats. The remaining going to the other parties. All the major parties fell short of the magical number required to form government Delhi. Until, INC(Indian National Congress) and AAP decided to form a coalition government.

The support of the Congress was external in nature, with none of its MLAs being a part of the ministry. The outcome of the Delhi assembly elections seemed to be this external tie-up between the 2 parties. Arvind Kejriwal was sworn in as the 7th Delhi chief minister with his cabinet consisting of prominent leaders of his party.

The party was felt to be promising with its larger than life promises with the Jan Lokpal bill being the most prominent one. After 49 days of commotion, opposition and work, the CM resigned. But even after the Govt. fell, the Delhi assembly wasn’t dissolved by the Lieutenant Governor Mr. Najeeb Jung. Till today, the capital is functioning under the President’s rule.

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Check your name in the Voter List Delhi for assembly re-elections of 2014

Amid all the political conjectures, the people of Delhi still have one question on their minds. And that question is, When will Delhi assembly re-election take place? For now, we cannot answer this question. But what we can do is, help the voters and get them ready for casting their votes if and whenever re-elections take place in Delhi. Hence here is a guide about voter list, voter id card and voting Delhi especially for the assembly re-elections 2014.

Get Your Voter ID Card and Name in Voter List Delhi 2014

If you do not already have your name in the voters’ list of your constituency in Delhi, you would not be able to vote if the assembly re-elections take place. So here is how you can apply for voter id card online in Delhi and get your name in the electoral roll: –

  1. Visit the CEO Delhi official website- www.ceodelhi.gov.in(copy and paste this web address in your browser).
  2. On the homepage, you would see an option to ‘Enroll Online’ under the heading ‘Become a voter online’. Click this option.
  3. On the next page, you have to click on ‘New User! Sign Up!
  4. You would then be asked to enter your personal details and your personal account details like username, password, e-mail address, secret question, answer etc.
  5. After entering all the mandatory details, you can click on ‘create user’.
  6. Once you are successfully registered as a user on the CEO Delhi official web portal, you can use your created username and password to log in and access the form no. 6 online by clicking ‘Enroll Online’ again on the homepage.
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Once you have filled the online version of form no. 6 for inclusion of name to voter list Delhi, you would receive a unique application id which can be used to check your application status on the CEO website itself. After successful submission, you can expect the BLO of your area/district to visit your residence, verify your identity and proof documents(he would accept these documents from you if you did not upload them while applying online and filling the online form). After all these formalities, your name would soon reflect in the Delhi voter list 2014.

The election commission may also organize voter registration drives in different constituencies of Delhi before re-elections. The aspiring voters must keep a check on such drives, since these drives look to speed up the registration. During these drives, you can complete the registration process even at your nearest polling station. You can keep yourself updated with the dates and whereabouts of these drives on the CEO Delhi website.

Check Your Name in the Delhi Voter List for Assembly Re-Elections 2014

If you already have your name in the Delhi voter list, chances are that you wont face much problem while casting your vote in the Delhi assembly re-elections(if and when they happen). But still, it would be worthwhile to verify and check your name in the electoral roll so that you don’t face any last minute troubles in the voting process.

You can check your name in the Delhi voter list online on the CEO website i.e www.ceodelhi.gov.in, on the homepage of this website, you would find two options: –

  • Search your name by voter name.
  • Search your name by voter id card no.
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If you have your voter id card and the number printed on it, then going with the second option would be preferred. Once you click on the second option, you would be able to taken to a page where you need to enter your voter id number and enter the security captcha code. Once done, you can click search and you would shortly view the results that would help you verify and check your name in the voter list of Delhi.

Here is a quick and simple video guide that illustrates the above mentioned steps for checking name in the voter list Delhi, precisely: –

Check Your Voter ID Card Application Status

If you have recently applied for voter id card Delhi and inclusion of your name in the voter list of constituency then you must constantly keep a check on your voter id card application status. This is also to be done by visiting the CEO Delhi website. On the homepage, you can click on the option ‘Know the status of your application for enrollment’. On the next page(landing page), just select your form type i.e From 6, Form 7, Form No. 8 or 8A. Once this selection is made, you can enter your application id and then re-enter the capcha security code. At the end, just click the ‘Search’ button on the page and voila! you would be presented with the current status of filled application for voter id card in Delhi and you would get an idea about whether or not your application process would be completed before the assembly re-elections start.

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