What are the Steps for Voter ID Card Delhi Online Registration?

In Delhi, the recent Assembly Elections saw an enormous change in the political landscape and there was a huge voter turnout as the ordinary citizens were perhaps not satisfied with the current government and therefore their reaction came out in form of a humongous voter turnout.

This is really a positive change for the functioning of our precious Democratic and Electoral System, whose foundation lies on the very principle of Voter Interaction and participation. Another bewildering fact was that there was a huge proportion of young voters, this section of the population had never been so enthusiastic and excited about the very idea of politics and voting to be specific.

Of course, this huge improvement of our democratic system could be attributed to the fact that people sought change and hence this could have possible drove people towards the polling booth. But we should not forget to appreciate the great efforts of the Election Commission and CEO Delhi, which ran a huge campaign to promote voting and create awareness about the Voter ID Card Online Registration amongst the young generation or the the Gen-Next as we say in popular culture.

The campaign was for sure a success and so was the very framework of online registration, which was created in order to register as many voters as possible, with a lot of ease for the applicants who no longer needed to flock to the ERO Office and queue up for long hours in order to be able to issue themselves their Voter ID Cards. This very ease also helped in achieving the large proportion of young voters, for whom registering online for their Voter ID Cards in Delhi is no longer a hassled task as it used to be earlier.

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Therefore, both the successful campaign for voter awareness in Delhi and the framework and ease of the Voter ID Card Online Registration in Delhi are the factors for which the Election Commission of India and the CEO Office of Delhi should be applauded for, in exchange for the benefit that the democracy has collectively received due to the great voter turnout.

Not only has the result of these Assembly Elections has left many speechless, the effect of these election will soon extend to the Lok Sabha Elections 2014 in Delhi, when many those who kept appreciating those who voted this time, but were left disappointed for not being to be able to cast their own votes would now buckle up and use Voter ID Card Online Registration to register themselves as voters and hence become a part of the on going revolution. This may as well constructively cause the Voter Turnout for Lok Sabha Elections 2014 to be even higher than that of the Assembly Elections. This has created a great positive cycle for the democracy which would probably receive a betterment in the long run, because of the fact that current flow of events make that likely to happen.

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How to register yourself as a Voter for Voter ID Card Delhi Online?

So if you are the one who would not want to be left behind in the Lok Sabha Elections 2014, you may very well would be interested in knowing how to register yourself online as a voter in Delhi for your Voter ID Card.

The website for Voter ID Card Delhi Online Registration is www.ceodelhi.gov.in

It is now really easy to register yourself as a Voter in Delhi because of the Voter ID Card Delhi Online Registration which does not require you to line up at ERO office.
On the home page of the above mentioned Website, you would find an Icon saying ‘Enroll Online’ under a tab saying ‘Become A Voter Online’. You just have to click on this icon and you shall be prompted to the login page. Since you are a  new applicant, you will have to first sign up by clicking on the ‘New User!Sign up!’ button.

It is now really easy to register yourself as a Voter in Delhi because of the Voter ID Card Delhi Online Registration which does not require you to line up at ERO office.

As you click to sign up, you will be prompted to the new user registration page. On this new user registration page, you have fill in your personal details in order to register on the CEO website.

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It is now really easy to register yourself as a Voter in Delhi because of the Voter ID Card Delhi Online Registration which does not require you to line up at ERO office.

On completion of new user registration, you would be able to log in to CEO Delhi website in order to complete your Voter ID Card Delhi Online Registration and hence get your name enrolled into the Voters’ List of your constituency. After you sign up for new voter registration on the CEO Website, you would be able to fill and submit the Voter Registration Form No. 6 online, and also be able to upload the appropriate documents that are required for new voter verification and henceforth by due verification by the Electoral Roll Officer of your area, you shall receive your Voter ID Card Delhi and you will become a legitimate registered voter. This will ensure that you will not miss the opportunity to cast your vote in the coming elections and hence be a part of the on going Democratic Revolution which is going to lead this nation to a change for good.

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  1. My voter id card issued but addresses is wrong my voter id number is SVJ2378080 and my crate addresses is B 298 DDA plat Bindapur New delhi 59


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