Things Indian politicians are expected to do when elected?

Indian politicians are well known for their vanishing act post elections. Even those who get elected are not any good either; barring a few. Time and again the voting public has faced disappointment as far as their expectations being met is concerned. But slowly people are voicing their dissent and realising their true worth. They want the returns on their investment of trust and time in the candidates. Below are some the immediate things we expect our politicians to do once elected as the winners of general elections 2014

Improve Efficiency

It is a well known fact that getting official work done in India is tedious and absolutely painful experience. Those who are in charge barely make an effort to get things done on time. Forget about going out of the way.

Top things we want Indian politicians to do-improve efficiency

There are innumerable cases of such an attitude among government workers. A simple application process, which should not take more than few minutes or at the max an hour, takes days or even months to eventually get processed. All this happens thanks to the “Don’t care” attitude of the people in charge. Bringing in a policy to set a time frame for every process is the need of the hour. The failure of the concerned person to comply should be followed by serious and stringent punishment.

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Develop civic sense

As much as it hurts to say, we Indians are not good with our civic sense and responsibility. This has made us a butt of lots of jokes among foreign tourists; with some even leaving the country with serious medical conditions. Ouch!

Top things we want Indian politicians to do-develop-civic-sense

Until and unless these elected representatives do not take an initiative to get rid of this problem, there will be no end to it. The general public want to look up to someone they can listen, follow and trust. These elected ministers are in this enviable position. Sadly not many are willing to wield the baton for a change.

Improve public transport

Public transport has been the Achilles Heal of India. No matter how good we are with our infrastructure and education our public transportation service must be ranking among some of the worst in the world.

Top things we want Indian politicians to do-improve-public-transport

This is a real shame since the elected ministers are allotted funds for it and more often than not they misuse it or waste it. We want our leaders to get serious about improving our transportation system. Then only can we say we have actually progressed.

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Ensure time utilization in the government office

Accountability fear is absent, and this is one of the top reasons government working machinery sucks. People do not mind paying the legal and required money but what is not acceptable is lethargic style of working of government officials. Until and unless accountability comes in, it is difficult to bring in the discipline to complete the work on time. On the other hand, those who are efficient are either not given their due or not taken seriously or even worse, ignored. This only leads to more frustration which eventually leads even such honest people to take recourse to lethargy.

Interact with people who chose them

We want our leaders to interact with us after they are elected. There is a reason we, as public, have chosen them over other candidates. The rise of social media has offered public a platform to interact with their leaders. Barring few top Indian politicians who are worth following on social media, most others are just mere mute spectators.

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Top things we want Indian politicians to do-interact-people

Appearing in public only once in every 3 to 4 months is not acceptable to us. We do understand that you lot are busy, but we also want you to take time out to listen to us and solve our problems. That is the main reason you are there in the minister hot seat.

The win of the latest blue eyed party of India, the Aam Admi Party (or AAP as it is called) has created a lot of hope amongst the voting public thanks to its adherence to above values. Let us hope it is not a false dawn.

So what other things you want our politicians to do when they are elected? Share your thoughts and feedback in the comment section.

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