Why Election Commission Delhi is a Must for Free-and-Fair Elections in the State?

The Election Commission of India (ECI) is the constitutional body that looks into the election of the country. Every five years, elections are held regularly in India where the electorate or the Indian citizens choose their leaders for the Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, state Legislative Assemblies, Legislative Councils, Panchayats, and municipal corporation. However, this autonomous body does not work all alone.

The ECI was formed in 1950 to ensure elections are free and fair and that eligible voters get their rights to cast the vote to the political party of their choice. However, the entire job work can be difficult to manage single handedly. With 29 states and some union territories in India, elections are often not done in a single day. The elections are held in various phases.

While the ECI checks the overall election process, it is helped with Election Commission from each state. In other words, the Election Commission of Delhi will look into all the tasks related to elections in Delhi. It will work under the ECI and take orders from the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) and the two election commissioners.

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the election commission of delhi alongwith the orders of ceo delhi facilitates voter registration and ensure free and fair elections in the state

Tasks of Election Commission for Delhi

Some important responsibilities of the election commission include:

  • Registering voter ID applications
  • Verifying voter card applications
  • Issuing voter cards
  • Updating electoral roll

The state’s election commission works…

  • Offline through many booth level officers and Electoral Registration Officer (ERO)
  • Online through its own dedicated website where it updates information on the elections and election process.

Voters who stay in Delhi or those who stay abroad but have their permanent address in Delhi can apply for a voter card through the election commission in Delhi. You can also check the status of your voter card online by visiting the site. New users can access forms to register for a new identity card.

Importance of Voter ID Card

An updated voter ID card is a must to get your name listed in the electoral roll. If you don’t have your name in the voter list, you will not be able to cast your vote even with your voter card.

So, updated voter ID registration is a must to exercise your franchise, get loans, open a bank account, buy a land or a flat in the locality, avail a rented house, buy an e-ticket, and acquire all the facilities that a legal citizen of India can be eligible to have.

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How to Apply for Voter Card Online through Delhi Election Office

To apply for an electoral card, you can visit here and:

  • Access Online Forms section. For instance, the election commission Delhi site has a Voter Registration form 6 which allows new users to register for their electoral card.
  • Fill in the form completely and attach address proof and age proof documents. Photos must be uploaded as well.

…You can fill in form 002 if you want to get a duplicate voter card or use form 8A if you want transposition of the voter card or change of address within the same constituency.

How to Check the Status of Your Electoral Card

You can check how much your application has progressed by clicking the status of the voter card link. You need to:

  • Place application number.
  • Click the submit button.

… The status of the card is displayed. The Election Commission of Delhi regulates the entire process – from verification to issuing of the identity card.

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How to Get Your Name Listed in Delhi Constituency

Once the identity card is issued, the electoral office of Delhi updates the electoral roll. Each year the electoral roll is updated by the office of commissioner. Based on the voter list, the voter can cast his vote. The Election Commission in Delhi updates voter list based on forms you have submitted.

During an election, the Election Commission Delhi follows the voter list and ensures that only eligible voters cast their votes. During polling, strict security measures are taken and ballots are summarily and safely deposited for counting at the proper place.

So, if you have issues regarding your voter ID card or want to get your name listed in the electoral roll, you should seek help from the Election Commission in Delhi. The website is equally good enough to help you address your need.

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